Everybody knows about scammers, fakers, peddlers, and fraudsters. Unfortunately, it’s a common feature of the internet. But it’s easy to spot and always best to go with your first instinct – if it’s suspect – it is.

For over a year NoCowboys customers have been harassed by an outfit from India called vt designz. They call businesses who get recent reviews and fraudulently state they are with NoCowboys – which is a blatant lie and a true reflection of how these cowboys operate. They then spin a lie about guaranteeing first page of Google searches for $390 – which is about as accurate as a deal for magic beans.

We have emailed them, called them – told them to cease and desist – they couldn’t care less – so all we can do is warn you. If you get a call – tell them to sod off, hang up and block them. Because vt designz is a shady disreputable operation, there is little else we can do. They call from Australian numbers that can’t be called back on. They have distorted Google reviews where the good ones are left by their own employees. it’s a downright sham and they are to be avoided.

We have compiled another blog piece about the experience of a NoCowboys business – you can read it here

NoCowboys always calls from New Zealand landlines – if in doubt – hang up and call back.