Be very careful when promised the earth by certain website and hosting outfits

by | May 12, 2023

We started NC Web a few years ago because we kept hearing similar tales from registered NoCowboys business owners about dissatisfactory and unsavoury experiences some of them had with website developers, SEO companies, and hosting platforms. We decided that we could offer something that was reliable, honest, and cost-effective. More than that it would be trustworthy and transparent. In business that is all that anyone wants – honesty and transparency and shames me to say, in the realm of website and hosting companies, there are some very shonky operators that promise the earth and fail to deliver, time after time.

The stories we heard all ran to a pattern and convinced us it made sense to expand our online offerings to include website builds and hosting. After all, NoCowboys is an online platform that gives kiwi consumers the information they require to make informed choices, while at the same time, promoting the services of businesses that put their reputations on the line. Why wouldn’t we want to keep disreputable website and hosting businesses at arm’s length as well and prevent business owners from being duped?

When it comes to online marketing services, business owners are in reality, consumers. They want to spend their money on services that work and deliver on what they promise, not the opposite. They don’t want to be exploited because they do not understand the particulars of what they are buying, just as a homeowner wants to trust a tradie doing work they do not understand the technical parameters of. That is why we engage professionals. We pay them to do the things we cannot and we pay them for their particular technical expertise.

We heard tales of woe where a business owner would find out they did not actually own the website they had paid thousands of dollars for, or that they were told when they wanted to move their website to another platform that they did not even own the text or images they themselves had provided. We would hear business owners tell us the obscene amounts of money they paid and the add ons that would appear, as if by magic on their monthly statements.

NC Web is different because it trades off our reputation and we are very serious about that, after all, the reputation business is our forte and we have been in it since 2006. We wouldn’t dream of delivering a service that didn’t do what it said it would, and we wouldn’t sleep at night if we did it at some of the ludicrous prices other businesses offer.

I would say it’s a surprise, but it really isn’t, to now find out that some of the business owners who use our website and hosting services are receiving calls from the shonky operators we set up NC Web to protect them from. What is surprising is to find out some of them are falling for the hollow promises that we know are little more than a thinly veiled rip off. That may sound strong but it is true in in truth it is a little disheartening.

Even still, we continue to offer honest and transparent services that increase the online presence of Kiwi businesses and that will always be our business ethos.

So if you’re sick to death of phone calls from dubious phone numbers telling you they’ll have your website at the top of the page in online searches, have a look at what we offer. We are a Kiwi company, based in New Zealand and honesty and transparency are our bywords, not a convenient tagline.

Read about NC Web here.


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