Don’t let misconceptions stop you from building your business with NoCowboys

by | May 29, 2023

Of all the questions we are asked by business owners new to NoCowboys, the most persistent concern reviews and competing with registered businesses who have been with us for years. Both queries are linked and the answer to both explains that while our platform is a searchable resource where reviews are obviously important – what NoCowboys actually does is market each and every business’ reputation – both through our site and online search engines.

The first misunderstanding to clear up concerns who and in what time frame a customer can leave feedback for a business on NoCowboys. Some business owners assume that only work done through our site can be reviewed and that is not the case.

Any customer from the preceding two years, no matter how they came to your business, can leave feedback on NoCowboys. It is a great starting point when registering with us to reach out to your past customers inviting them to post feedback and we have a number of ways to make this simple. We email you with the direct link to your ratings page; we can supply you with an individualised QR code; or you can use a ready-made-template in your NoCowboys dashboard – all directing customers to your ratings page within your profile.

So while there may be businesses of a similar type to yours, in the same geographical region, with a solid number of reviews, they too, at some time started from scratch. Once you realise the tangible benefits of reviews through increased contact from new customers, who see you on our site and on Google, you will realise that there are many many customers, utilising our platform to access the services you provide.

In all the major cities in new Zealand and towns of various sizes, hundreds of thousands of Kiwis rely on authenticated reviews before even thinking of contacting a business, and it is impossible to satisfy them with only a small number of businesses!

As well as marketing your business through our site – we extend that marketing finesse to online search engines where your business’ presence is substantially boosted – both when your business name is searched and through the SEO benefits generated through the size of our site itself.

So while we understand those initial concerns about how to accrue reviews and thinking you are in direct competition with already registered businesses, it’s important to realise that the work you do is yours and can be reviewed by any customer you invoice and that our service puts you where you need to be, online, equipped with the vital ingredient to assure potential customers, verified reviews!


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