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by | Apr 20, 2022

I was reading an article online recently with guidelines on how to leave great feedback – whether positive or negative – and it reminded me that at its core – feedback is a conversation. What I mean is that the words we choose in the feedback we leave are instructional for two different audiences – the business that is being reviewed and the many, many people who will take that feedback as a guideline for their choices. For both audiences it is important to remember that courtesy and honesty are paramount in go hand in hand.

Good businesses want to improve and value feedback

The best business owners always strive to do better, they take pride in what they do and they know that their standards may not always be met. More than that they want to know how their services can be any better. Who is best placed to tell them that? Yup, their customers. Business owners who ignore their customers’ suggestions and feedback tend to be of a type. The ones who frustrate and disappoint their customers and garner challenging reviews regularly. The best are all ears and not only that, they take criticism and plaudits on board, in equal measure.

Challenging reviews should never be nasty

In our ever present social media world some of us have become used to using platforms to yell, scream and abuse. It is the strangest thing that so much energy goes into vitriolic attacks on people online. Despite wishing otherwise, unfortunately, it is what it is. That does not mean that the rest of us need to join in the chorus of hate. If a service has been disappointing, the feedback can reflect that but in a courteous and even-handed manner. Remember that others will read your review but they won’t if it’s an insane personal rant with threats. Keep it simple and point out where you were let down. Give the business owner the opportunity to react to the feedback in a positive manner. If it’s measured, they most probably will, if it’s not then they not.

Good feedback should point out some key elements

Earlier this year we commissioned a painter to paint the exterior of our house. It was a challenging job and the house hadn’t been painted in ten years. We knew that the painter we needed would not be cheap and price was the least important factor. What we were looking for was dependability, quality and attention to details. Of course we looked on NoCowboys and the painter we eventually chose had feedback supporting all of our requirements, consistently, across the board. We were not disappointed. In fact the reviews also pointed out that the painter was incredibly courteous, took time planning and advising, and involved homeowners in the entire process. The inescapable reality is that the honest feedback from strangers was win win – for us and for the painter.

Take the time and share your valuable opinions

Nowadays feedback is commonplace and expected. If you can take a few minutes to share your honest opinions of a service then make it count. Don’t leave a one sentence review and don’t leave a hugely long one. Make a few points. Be honest and courteous. Point out something that surprised you – something you had never even considered. Allow others to benefit from your time and effort to make great decisions themselves. It’s a conversation!


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