Ratings are the personal stories that convince prospective customers to connect with businesses, or not. Their value can’t be emphasised enough.

The best thing a prospective customer can see by viewing your ratings is the way you exercise your customer care. It tells them that you are someone worth doing business with because, not only do people value what you do, but you care enough to address all your reviews – ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

The reality is that a ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ review is really a ‘challenging’ review – but more than that – it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to show your future clients how well you respond to mistakes, errors, misunderstandings and omissions, things that every business faces from time to time.

When you receive a challenging review, there are a few steps to take. The first is the most important. Do not react. Take time, process it. Think about how to solve what is, in essence, a challenge. Ask yourself ‘how can I resolve this?’.

Most people who post a challenging review want a response – from you. They want the issue to be addressed and to move on from it. A challenging review is an invitation – a request to sort to the problem out.

Go back to your customer. Ask what needs to be done to remedy the situation. In most instances, you will find that it can be. If the mistake is on your part, then take ownership of it. Fix it. There may be something in your company, or someone, that is not working to their full potential. Feedback is positive, even if it appears negative. It may bring something to your attention that you were unaware of and remedying it will improve the overall trajectory of your business.

If you can’t resolve the situation and you are left with a challenging review – then respond to it. Begin with an invitation again to resolve it. Stress how you value the standard of your workmanship and the importance you place in customer satisfaction. If you have made an error, say so. Remember it is not a tit for tat battle. Think of your audience as you write – your future customer who is reading how you deal with challenges.

Human beings face and cope with challenges daily and how they are addressed is what impresses or puts off others. Ranting and scoring points in a response does nothing but make the responder appear as if they care more for battles than for getting the job done and moving on.

Use the response as an ideal opportunity to impress prospective customers and to show that you will go out of your way to keep your customers happy.

If you receive a challenging review from someone you have not engaged in business then contact us. NoCowboys only accepts reviews from those you have begun work for.

Lastly, take some time to respond to all of your reviews. It is a sure sign that you value most those who drive your business forward – your customers. Without them, we are nothing.

If you need help in dealing with any reviews – positive or challenging, then contact the NoCowboyratings department, or talk with your account manager. We can advise you on the steps to take so that what you had initially perceived to be a negative threat, is in fact, a fantastic opportunity.