Not so long ago online reviews were something novel, surprising, and enigmatic. Today they are very much an accepted part of the vast majority of consumers’ experience and motivation. Even still, a number of business owners have yet to connect the dots and embrace reviews from their customers as the dominant draw card to attract new business. I asked a couple of business owners who are registered with with NoCowboys, exactly how online reviews have helped their respective businesses.

Ryan Ambler, owner of Blinds Online Ltd has been with NoCowboys for over ten years. His company has amassed over 360 reviews and Ryan says that encouraging feedback has been one of his central business strategies.

“As a business owner, reviews are as important as you want to make them. I have a very clear focus; in all my client and potential client engagements I’m thinking about what I can do to deliver product and service worthy of the next amazing testimonial.  I think my percentage rating and quantity of reviews on NoCowboys shows how important reviews are to Blinds Online Ltd.  Well looked after clients leave passionate reviews; they come back for more and spread the good word about my business. Reviews are paramount, and again and again people mention how impressed they are with my NoCowboys reviews; this is my number one business strategy,” says Ryan.

It is worth noting the direct correlation between quality service and products and the knowledge that customers can leave feedback reflecting their experiences. But how do those reviews then work to attract new customers?

“I embraced online reviews fairly early on; My first NoCowboys review was done in 2009 by a guy called Guy; that’s how I discovered NoCowboys. He’d gone online and done one without prompting from me. It made sense to me and over the years I have seen, have been told and understand so fully the importance of reviews.  You can leverage quality and service by pointing people to your glowing independent reviews. I plaster the fact I still have 98% after a whooping 361 reviews, everywhere. It’s impossible to engage with Blinds Online Ltd without seeing a link to or graphic about our NoCowboys reviews. My business is successful in itself however having a platform where people can review and give their feedback on my business is gold,” Ryan says.

While Ryan has committed himself to an honest and transparent window into his business online for over a decade, it is so important to remember that it is never too late to market your reputation. Mike Ellis owns and operates Evolution Property Maintenance and has been a registered business with NoCowboys for two years. He fully acknowledges the impact NoCowboys’ online marketing platform has made on his business and tells me that he receives at least one-two motivated queries from new customers each week. Mike’s company has a respectable ten reviews and the benefits are still sizable.

“NoCowboys has certainly helped my business, as it is a great platform to reach customers and tell them about yours services. I think it gives people confidence to look in a directory such as NoCowboys – it validates you. It has been great to receive reviews. It is lovely to hear that clients have been so happy with my services and awesome to be able to share these testimonials with prospective customers,” Mike says.

No matter how large or small a business, no matter how long, or short the time it has been trading – online reviews are the one critical factor to growing a business and attracting new customers. Marketing your reputation online, is not just a great idea – it is essential.