How to find tradies/businesses on NoCowboys

by | Feb 28, 2022

NoCowboys isn’t a directory in the traditional sense, it is a platform where Kiwis can contact businesses after reading reviews. Our verified reviews are a point of difference to other sites, such as job boards, and they are the best metric to guiding your choices – by taking into account the opinions and experiences of previous customers. If you are using our site for the first time, here’s resource to help navigate your way through it and find the right businesses to contact.

How do I find a tradie/business?

There are two ways you can find someone to do work for you. You can search – or you can post a job and businesses will approach you. To do that – click on ‘Jobs’ in the menu bar at the top of the page at then follow the instructions.

You will need to register to post a job – don’t worry, it’s free – and you then create your own customer dashboard where you can see jobs you’ve posted before and any feedback you have left. We require an email address – that’s to communicate with you when you post your job and for businesses to contact you, though we also recommend you include a mobile number for easier contact.

To search you just need to enter the business type you are looking for in the box in the middle of our home page – it’s intuitive – so just begin typing and hit enter when the right match comes up. That brings up a location box below – where you begin typing your location and hit enter when the right suburb or area comes up. Then press the ‘Find Top Matches’ button below.

That will then generate a list of appropriate businesses that offers you a choice of who to contact.

How do I choose who to contact?

In the image above you will note there are parameters you can tick to narrow down your search, such as ‘nearest to me’ or ‘highest rating’ but the best way to make your mind up is to read the reviews. You will note in the two businesses listed in the image above, there are stars and logos, and other information. The gold stars are a reflection of a business’ ratings score out of 5 stars – 5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest.

If a business is a member of a professional body or association, that logo will display on their profile and we have NoCowboys’ logos to denote ratings numbers, that they are registered with us, and customer preferred – a designation for a business that has over ten reviews, the latest review in the past 120 days, and and overall feedback score of 85% and above.

Read the reviews!

When you click on a business’ name in the search results you will be taken to their profile page – you can read what they say about themselves – look at images or video they have posted, and look at social media sites they link to but the real value is in the reviews. The percentage score is important but take the time to read through the text of the feedback – that will give you a far greater appreciation of previous customers’ experiences than a percentage.

Remember that the feedback gives you a representative sense of that business. For example, if there are a few less than glowing reviews but the rest are good – put that into perspective. Every great business will occasionally stumble or not meet a particular customer’s exacting standards or expectations. It is only if bad reviews are consistent that you need worry.

It says that a business is ‘unregistered’ – what does that mean?

An unregistered business is one that has chosen not to promote its online reputation with NoCowboys. It does not mean they are unregistered practitioners or professionals. Any business can be reviewed on our site – after all that’s why we exist – to give Kiwis the information they need to inform their choices. A registered business will have a green tick logo next to their business name. We recommend you choose registered businesses, as they have committed to transparency and honesty.

I am looking for a particular business by name – how do I find them?

It couldn’t be simpler – in the top right of the menu bar – click on the magnifying glass icon.

That then brings up a search field – start typing and hit enter when it comes up.


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