Keeping up with all of the latest research on online reviews and consumer behaviour is all well and good but I still firmly believe that the best indication of the power of what we do at NoCowboys comes from the businesses that use and profit from our platform. After all, who knows better than them about the benefits of committing to online reviews?

Shane Harvey registered his business, Auckland Houselevelling Ltd, with us 10 years ago and after three years, registered his other business, Auckland Repiling and Houselifting Specialist as well. Every time I talk with Shane he is keen to explain just how much NoCowboys helps him and how it has changed the ways he previously advertised or marketed his businesses.

“We have been on the NoCowboys site for over 10 years. NoCowboys has helped our business grow immensely. We used to use Yellow Pages, local papers, Google ads, and lots of different forms of advertising – in the last 2 years we have had no Google ads, no Yellow Pages, except for a little ad in the Coromandel book for people that don’t/can’t get online and we have been thriving. At the present time we have not answered our landline as we can’t keep up with the work. The only work that I am taking on lately is from NoCowboys as they email or ring/message my mobile. I work on lots of different sites and I always recommend NoCowboys as the best advertising that you can do,” Shane says.

This is consistent with much of the feedback that we get from business owners that build and maintain their online reviews with us and Shane has committed himself and his staff to invite their customers to share their feedback about his businesses on our site. In essence that is all that is required, commitment and a little bit of effort and every time I speak with Shane I know that he is a person driven to offer great service and strive for excellent results. No matter how busy he may be, he will always take a few minutes to chat, to ask how we are doing, and to tell me how much he values our service. It’s obvious talking with Shane that he is personable and attentive and exactly the right person to be at the helm of a successful enterprise. He’s a nice bloke.

Shane also pointed out something else that highlights another huge benefit of online reviews and while I would say that it is not only being open to feedback that makes most businesses work to the best of their skills and abilities, it certainly is another motivating element.

“As long as you do what you say and quote for and don’t try to rip people off you cant go wrong. With NoCowboys all contractors are on their A game all the time as no one wants a bad feedback put against their name. You can guarantee as soon as you do something wrong someone will put a bad feedback and you don’t want that as that is your livelihood. So if you are a good contractor and honest this is the site for you,” Shane says.

It is a real pleasure to help so many thousands of Kiwi business owners online and it has been great to see Shane’s two businesses benefit from our platform and services over the past ten years.

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