At 11.59pm on Monday 27th of March New Zealand will move to Covid-19 Level 3.

At this level many more businesses will be able to operate but business owners will need to consult relevant safety directives and implement a complete and robust health and safety regimen, appropriate to their business operation.

 Worksafe has compiled a resource of information, including planning templates, which outline requirements to meet health and safety obligations under Level 3.

For businesses undergoing repairs and installations, that will be in contact with the public, social distancing of at least two metres, cleaning tools, and personal protection is outlined, as well as other measures to ensure best practice.

Consumers will be hyper alert to a widening of their social spheres and will demand that businesses meet their health and safety conditions under Level 3.

NoCowboys strongly advises spending the time to consult the following links and implement the appropriate health and safety programme for their business, so they are ready to fast track for Level 3.

Worksafe list of resources

Worksafe COVID-19 safety plan

NZ government business site – information on activities businesses can undertake during various alert levels

NZ government Unite Against Covid-19 site – information on Level 3