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NC Web offers high quality websites, with secure high speed hosting and SEO solutions at competitive pricing, to enable businesses registered with us to increase their online presence

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Website and hosting packages

  • Multi page sites from $799 + GST
  • Plus free hosting for the first year
  • These website packages are an ideal way to get online with a highly professional and affordable website. They meet the requirements of many different types of business from informational websites to eCommerce online sales.
  • Professional individual design, fully responsive to all devices, initial search engine optimisation, and access to your NoCowboys reviews broadcast directly onto your site in real time!

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Built using the WordPress publishing system

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Original design with your logo (logo must be provided)

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A multiple page site designed to suit your business

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Your NoCowboys reviews displayed and updated in real time

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Full screen background images

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Parallax scrolling effect within page sections

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Mobile friendly – fully responsive

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Video backgrounds can be used (if an appropriate video supplied)

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Some examples of the sites we have built

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Auckland Move & Go

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24/7 Decorators

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Red River Painting

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Profile Floors

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Roof NZ

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Traditional Stoneworks

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Website hosting

  • Hosting is included free in our website packages for the first year, then with an annual fee after that of $299 + GST per annum.
  • For businesses that already have a website but want to take advantage of our hosting platform, the first year of hosting and transfer fee is $299 + GST (which includes a website ‘WOF’, where we make sure your site is running at the fastest possible speed, has Analytics tracking installed so you can see visitor numbers, and that it is up to modern standards with regards to build and design).
  • First year of hosting is included in your website price.
  • Your reviews are streamed live to your site and will automatically update when new reviews are added.
  • Free SSL Certificate (so the site is secure and does not show warning messages to your visitors).
  • Links between NoCowboys and your site.
  • Access to your own dashboard for content management.
  • Regular plugin updates to ensure your site stays safe and secure.
  • Daily off-site Backups / Security Scanning & Enhancements Uptime Monitoring / Site Restoration.

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