NoCowboys online platform is nothing less than marketing gold

by | Feb 2, 2022

One of the greatest things about NoCowboys’ online marketing platform is that it requires minimal time and attention and if set up properly, regularly updated, with consistent and recent reviews, it essentially takes care of itself. So well, in fact, that one of the objections we hear from businesses registered with us is, “I don’t need it, I am not using it”. That’s one of the more infuriating responses we get because that just shows exactly how well it is actually working. It made me think of other objections we sometimes hear and how they run counter to the overall effectiveness and value of NoCowboys’ online review platform for Kiwi businesses. Here’s a few of them.

“I don’t need it, I’m busy as it is.”

Yup, we know a lot of people are busy when they are registered with us and we know why that is: we can also monitor and analyse performance by looking at annual and monthly statistics for every business – gee, businesses can do this as well and those statistics are emailed to them every month.

The reason businesses are busy is testament to the success of our marketing. There’s no secret to it – reviews equals traffic, equals new customers. That’s the formula.

The worst thing for us and for business owners as well, is when they think their customers are somehow coming through the ether, rather than where the are actually coming from – online, having seen and read NoCowboys’ reviews, on our site and on Google. This leads me to the next objection.

“Im getting calls, so I don’t need NoCowboys.”

As long as I’ve been doing this job there a re two things that I find staggering. 1: the amount of business owners who do not Google their own business name on a regular basis and 2: The number of business owners who not ask where a customer found them before they called.

Initiating both of things as a routine part of a business’ operation is critical. Why? Because it cements exactly where customers see you, what they see, and what made them pick up the phone. NoCowboys’ marketing initiates contact because it sets customers’ minds at ease. Reviews are the prime online driver for consumers and they sell legitimacy and trust. Without reviews online a business flounders, trying to tell everyone how good it is, in its own words.

So the short answer to “Im getting calls, so I don’t need NoCowboys,” is “we are the reason you are getting calls”.

“Im not using it.”

Well, the answer to that is nothing more than, “you might not be but it’s working for you”. Profile views, website views, and phone number views, as well as online impressions don’t lie. Even for a business owner who has forgotten to ask for reviews in a while, their profile is still doing all it should be on Google.

Business owners sometimes chuck money at Google to come up in the lottery of Adwords, without realising that their number one keyword is their own business name. Why? Well, a referral or sighting of signage all takes a consumer to Google where they type in the business name. What they see in the search results either engenders contact, or further searching for another business with reviews. Registered businesses with NoCowboys have their business name and review stars prominently displayed when searched. That is marketing gold all by itself!


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