To have pioneered online reviews in New Zealand and to have kept in step with an ever changing digital landscape for over 16 years is no mean feat. That we continue to evolve and grow Kiwi businesses online as well as offering the best information to consumers, isn’t just luck. It’s down to the things we do differently and the energy we give and the pride we take in what we do.

We are available to talk with

The other day I was talking with a business owner who had registered with us, explaining what he needs to do to get the best out of our service and our platform. He stopped me to say, “to be honest, I’m kinda impressed that you actually called me on the phone”. Sometimes I forget that we are one of the very few online platforms whose staff can actually be talked with. No chat box that takes forever to get a response from, no directions to a helpful list of topics that isn’t even remotely helpful. We talk to our customers and we encourage them to contact us if they need us. Good luck even finding a phone number for Google. Better luck still trying to talk to someone at Google unless you want to give them money.

We listen

Over the years we have had numerous requests and suggestions from those who use our site to choose business owners, as well as from business owners who utilise our services. As we are in the feedback business, it makes sense that we too receive feedback of our own. While some changes are impractical or will not work, we have instigated changes based on advice from our customers. We understand the value of others’ opinions and we appreciate it. Every business is only as good as its reputation, and we are immensely proud of ours.

We are experts in online marketing

Often we devote our time talking about far more than online reviews. We know how best to help business owners optimise their online presence, and give advice on dealing with the shortcomings of other platforms. While our main focus is online reviews and the many benefits of them, we offer a wide range of services, at cost-effective pricing, to actually help New Zealand business owners increase their turnover and grow their customer base.

We created new services to benefit our customers

Last year we initiated a new element to our service – website creation and hosting – not to make a wad of cash but to give business owners real choices and control. All too often we heard horror stories where websites were created for ludicrous amounts of money and even then, were not the property of the business owner who paid for them. Our websites are extremely affordable, their design and creation is a truly collaborative partnership, and our hosting is first rate.

There will be more changers to come, and we will be there still

Google ‘online reviews’ and you will be faced with a swathe of stories about fake reviews. Our reviews are verified and authenticated. Why? Because we value reputations and don’t just exist to profit from them. I predict that in the next few years there will be real attention given to the present situation of questionable reviews in New Zealand and fake reviews that are published with little oversight will be in the spotlight. We welcome it.