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by | Oct 29, 2019

Since 2006, NoCowboys has been New Zealand’s leader in authenticated consumer reviews. With a robust and thorough feedback verification system, consumers can trust that the feedback they rely so heavily on is genuine and authenticated. For registered businesses, accumulating reviews from their customers is a huge draw card in attracting new customers. So how does it all work? Here’s responses to a number of frequently asked questions.

Who can leave feedback for a business?

Any legitimate customer over the past two years can post feedback. There has to be work begun, that can, or has been invoiced. NoCowboys does not accept or post reviews for work that has not been initiated – for example, because a potential customer has had difficulty in arranging for a service provider to do work, or if they have not been able to turn up at an allotted time to begin work.

How does a business ask for reviews?

In our experience the best way to obtain reviews is to follow a three step process. Firstly, to mention reviews and to ask for feedback at the completion of a job. This can be followed up by including the link to a business’ NoCowboys review page in an invoice. Thirdly, when following up at a time after the job has been completed, and feedback has not been left, by either, email, text, or verbal reminder.

I don’t want to annoy my customers by asking for reviews

Customers do not get annoyed by being asked to review a business, in fact they find it complimentary – it signals that a business values their input. If they do not wish to do it, they wont. Consumer reviews are now a fully accepted part of the relationship between a business and its customer base. Customers want to share their experiences with others, whether that be good, or not so good. Not asking for feedback on the other hand, is a missed opportunity to grow a business. 90% of consumers look for reviews before considering picking up the phone. Consumers will review and they want to read them, as well!

What’s the difference between NoCowboys and Google and Facebook reviews? 

Anyone who sets up an email address or a profile can leave a review on Facebook or Google. They are not vetted and are very difficult to remove. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to post fake reviews and Google and Facebook are far too massive to really do much about it. Not only can fake negative reviews be left to damage reputations but phoney good reviews can be left to bolster reputations. it is a difficult and time consuming exercise to have them removed.

NoCowboys reviews are authenticated in a number of ways. Consumers are emailed after submitting the review to verify it before it is posted and all reviews are scrutinised by detailed systems checks before they are brought online. NoCowboys has a lot of experience in ensuring that only legitimate feedback is posted and anything suspicious is usually vetted well beforehand.

How do NoCowboys reviews help my business on Google?

When a business name is searched online a NoCowboys profile appears in the results with gold stars visible in the rich snippet. This is of huge benefit. If the business also has a Google My Business profile, then the number of reviews and the overall percentage score will be displayed. See below:

When you consider that a business’ most popular search result is actually its own name, then you can see the impact NoCowboys has in attracting future customers by reviews displaying in Google.

NoCowboys are New Zealand’s experts on B2C and B2B reviews. To find out more – get in touch with us here.



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