As of 11.59pm on the 25th of March, New Zealand has gone into lockdown to counter the spread of Covid-19 and attempt to eradicate the virus within New Zealand. 

New Zealanders have been asked by our prime minister, Jacinda Arden, to treat this time as if we have the virus, to stay at home, and to only go out for supermarket shopping and short periods of exercise. This is an unprecedented measure in the history of our country and is to be taken with the highest levels of consideration and seriousness.

We fully understand that Kiwi businesses and homeowners face a challenging four weeks, and the best thing to be is informed, to ensure that we follow every official directive, and to do everything to protect ourselves, and our fellow Kiwis.

Best sources for up-to-date information

NoCowboys will regularly update this page, as conditions, directives and advice will change over the coming four weeks. We’d ask you to bookmark the following links and consult them regularly:

NZ government – Unite against Covid-19

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

NZ government – building and construction

The government has made up a checklist of essential services during the Level 4 lockdown and we have created a list of businesses on NoCowboys who meet those conditions and can undertake emergency and essential services.

We strongly recommend that you consult this list and ask yourself: “does the job I need doing constitute an emergency and come under the guidelines of an essential service?” Note: it will change, and new services may be added.

What are some examples of essential jobs?

You have an electrical fault has that requires repair to power appliances in your home.

Your drains are blocked and your house is flooding.

Your roof has blown off or is damaged and requires repair or replacement.

Your plumbing requires emergency repair to provide water and sanitation.

Your house is damaged and requires emergency building work to ensure health and safety

Your construction company is engaged in work on what is deemed by the government to be an essential service.

Can homeowners and businesses consult on non-essential work?

Yes, so long as the work is not done at any time during the lockdown period and all directives regarding health and safety proscribed by the Level 4 lockdown are rigidly adhered to. Consultation should be done remotely – by phone or email.

Stay home, stay safe

Overall, we ask you to do everything you can during this period to maintain your and your loved ones’ safety by adhering to maintaining a 2 metre distance from everybody during the periods you are outside of your homes.

We have no doubt that the intelligence and determination of Kiwis will beat this virus and that normality will return in the coming months.

We are all in this together.