Secure Communications Alarms & Security, based in Onehunga, Auckland is a small company with a huge focus on customer satisfaction. I spoke with owner Dave and administration manager, Clare, about the things that matter to them in business and the ways that NoCowboys has helped them.

Dave explains that his company has been trading over 20 years and he has focussed on delivering transparency, honesty and a commitment to world class customer care. It is apparent talking with him and Clare, that their words are more than mere window dressing. The company’s website also offers a real and natural appraisal of who they are and what they do.

“So, if we’re not the biggest, nor the best, nor the most versatile – why is it you’d actively choose to place your business with us? The answer isn’t easy to articulate but it involves words like integrity, honesty, authenticity. Not cheap words like customer service, but real words like “care”. Words like important (as in ‘you’re important to us’).”

Clare says that their website was designed to offer an accurate reflection of who they are, what they do, and what they value. “We are real, personable” she says, and you’d be hard pressed to find another business that wears its heart on its sleeve quite like Secure Communications Alarms & Security.

Dave decided to register his business with NoCowboys ten years ago and he hasn’t looked back. Initially the main thrust of the company’s advertising and marketing was attending Auckland’s Homeshow, telemarketing, and listing in directories such as the Yellow Pages. He says that forays into Google Adwords didn’t deliver the return on investment expected and that NoCowboys has taken their already strong word of mouth, to a new level.

“Our own word of mouth worked for us,” Dave says. “Do one job well and they tell their friends. NoCowboys is an extension of our word of mouth.”

So how has NoCowboys reviews helped them? “Hugely,” says Clare. “Massively,” Dave adds. ‘We are blessed with good reviews and a good percentage.” But Clare looks at reviews as a consumer would. “If I were to use NoCowboys, I’m not looking for hundreds of reviews. I’m looking for very recent and ones that are complimentary.”

It is obvious looking at the company’s feedback on NoCowboys, that they are hitting the right notes with their customers and those reviews bring new customers on a regular basis. “We get one or two enquiries a week from people who see us through NoCowboys. We get people calling saying ‘we want you’ after seeing our NoCowboys reviews,” Dave says. “We are world class at customer interface. People do business with us because they trust us.”

“We are transparent,” Clare adds, and that’s what customers value – businesses that are honest, open and willing to put their reputations online.

Dave points out that top level customer care translates into repeat business – and with the help of NoCowboys, new customers who come to them based on their reviews. “That’s what business is – what’s referred to as the lifetime value of a client- so long as you give them great service,” he says.

Clare goes further and explains that they are committed to honest to goodness customer care – “making people feel they are important. Quality communication from real people.”

It is always refreshing and inspiring talking with business owners whose whole focus is delivering quality products and great service. I am under no illusion whatsoever that Dave and Clare say what they mean and mean what they say. Why? Because it’s all backed up by the people who matter, their customers and their reviews.