Paul Toschi has been in the painting industry for years and in 2016 launched his own company – Brushy Bee Ltd. When looking to market his business, he decided that NoCowboys was all he needed, and for the past two years, with NoCowboys’ help, Paul has built up a solid customer base and focuses on collaborating with his clients to create the perfect painted solution.

“I paint private homes rather than commercial projects because I enjoy working together with people to create exactly what they want for their home environment,” Paul says. “I like to make it a team effort and talk people through the choices they have so that they know their needs are heard and respected.”

Paul has some great tips about what customers should look for when choosing a painting contractor.

“Choosing a contractor is an individual thing. People choose a contractor on price, their feeling of trust in the contractor and the importance of a quality finish, or a combination of these things. NoCowboys really helps a lot with the trust, the quality criteria, as well as previous customers’ comments on charging reasonable rates.

Brushy Bee use the ZipWall Dust Exclusion System to isolate areas where dust might be an issue

Brushy Bee use the ZipWall Dust Exclusion System to isolate areas where dust might be an issue











“Customers should still do their due diligence, checking on liability insurance and health and safety compliance, asking for the specifications of the paint they intend using and talking to their local paint supplier to check that it’s the right product for the job – paint manufacturers and suppliers are very happy to give you good advice and information, so don’t hesitate to ask them. It’s not a matter of distrust towards the painter, it’s just being satisfied that there will be no nasty surprises. If a painter is offended by your checking on the products and application, don’t hire him or her!  After all, it’s your money and your home and your right to make sure you get what you’re paying for.”

But as we all know, being very good at what you do doesn’t matter at all if you’re not marketing yourself effectively. Paul has promoted his business online with NoCowboys for the past two years and he’s more than pleased with the results.

“Being registered with NoCowboys is the ONLY promotion I do. All my work has come from NoCowboys, and from that word of mouth has brought in more work. Even if someone has heard of us from a friend, I find they still check my ratings on NoCowboys for themselves.”

To find out more about Brushy Bee, give Paul a call on 0800 277 492

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