It’s day one of the four week, Level 4 lockdown and all Kiwis, except for those in essential services are at home. Together, we have been given the best chance to combat and defeat Covid-19, as it passes through every country on the planet. Without doubt, this is a truly unique historical event and things as we know them, have changed radically. However, the lockdown is a temporary measure, that will be lifted, hopefully after four weeks.

In the meantime, we have all been given an opportunity to take care of things we never have time for; to turn a difficult situation into an entirely positive one. There are many things you can do to boost the health of your business, while we are in isolation to protect our personal health.

Reaching out to previous customers

Why not take this opportunity while Kiwis are at home, to reach out to your past customers? Check in with them about the service you provided or the job you completed for them. If there is anytime that people will be chatty, this is it. Connection is a crucial human behaviour and while we are isolated, it’s important to maintain connection – even if it’s by phone. It’s also the perfect time to ask for a review while you’re talking to customers. It doesn’t take long and a reminder won’t go amiss. You’re not calling to sell something, you’re calling to remind them about the work you did for them. When normality returns, they will remember you for it. In the meantime you will build up your reviews, as well as goodwill.

Organise images of your work

You’ve taken images of work you’ve completed and haven’t had time to sort them out. Why not download them all into one folder – label them with keywords and think of then posting them on your NoCowboys profile.

Social media presence

You’ve thought about doing it but never had the time. Why not start up and Instagram profile or a Facebook page, if you haven’t already – and if you have, look at increasing your posts. Remember to post some of your recent NoCowboys reviews – to give them even more traction! It’s a simple copy and paste job and you can include a photo of the work if you have it.

We understand how frustrating it is not being able to go about our normal business. It’s not something any of us have known before but making the most of the time and ensuring our businesses are in the best shape they can be, is a great idea.

All we can do is be realistic, be positive and follow the guidelines and directives we are given to give Covid-19 a fight it will not come from. Take care.