Want the best painting results? Check the weather

by | Sep 29, 2022

Painting the exterior of your home is a necessary investment that protects and enhances your most valuable asset. Before you even consider commissioning a painting professional to get the project started, do a bit of due diligence and consider the best time of the year and the optimal weather conditions to ensure the very best results.

Resene has compiled a valuable and easy to follow to guide to be aware of the significant part weather and seasons has to play in applying and drying paint products to the exterior of your home. It is the best first step in a project that will revitalise your home.

So, what is ideal?
15-20°C, humidity 70-80% and a very gentle breeze.

In the absence of the ideal, the following is a useful checklist:

• Is the washing on the line drying? If it’s not, neither will your paint.
• If water spilt on a concrete path doesn’t dry out, leave your painting until it does.
• If a thin coat of water applied to the substrate has not evaporated in 15 minutes, leave your painting until it does.
• A light breeze is ideal for drying your paint. If it’s too windy, your paint will dry too fast, so move operations to a more sheltered side of the building.
• Don’t paint in direct sunlight or in extremely hot weather. If you’re pushed, paint the shady side of the building or wait until the temperature drops. A good idea is to start ahead of the sun and work your way around the building keeping ahead of the sun as you go.
• Cloudy or overcast conditions are ideal for painting… provided it’s not raining and rain is not expected.
• As a general rule apply waterborne paints at temperatures above 10°C and solventborne and industrial paints when the temperature is at least 5°C above the dew point. The lower the temperature the longer the paint will take to dry.
• Read the label on your paint container. If you follow its recommendations, you’ll reap the full benefit of the protective capabilities and finish of your paint.”

Remember, if in doubt or you seek further assistance or help, find the best painters in your location by searching here – they will have all the answers you require.


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