At NoCowboys we have been marketing the reputations of Kiwi businesses for over 15 years. We know reviews, we know reviews work and we have witnessed the rise and success of thousands of businesses who use our services and our platform. Over the years, however, we noticed that many, many business owners have struggled with another aspect of online presence – websites. For a number of reasons they had either given up the process or were dissatisfied with what they had. We decided to do something about it and launched NC Web – creating and delivering website, SEO, and hosting solutions for New Zealand tradespeople and businesses, no matter how big or small they may be.

The common issues and complaints we heard focused on website offers that were expensive, confusing, and complicated. We all spend a lot of time looking at websites, that doesn’t mean we may know what we need when it comes time to get one for our business.

Even businesses that have websites may not be aware that their security is lacking, or non-existent, leaving them open to threats and hacking. Some business owners pay thousands of dollars only to find that they do not actually own their own website, (or worse still, their own website domain name) and if their site is connected to partnered hosting, they may lose their site if hosting payments aren’t made.

Knowledge and control over all aspects of a business are critical and leaving such a vital online tool open to mismanagement or threat is a total mistake.

We realised that great, cost-effective websites, with SEO, and enhanced security was a natural extension of our online service and as business owners trust us as it is, offering website solutions that are dependable, customisable, and functional, made total sense.

As many of the businesses we help are sole traders or SMEs, we also realise that they avoid website commission if they’ve had bad advice or they feel they do not have the time to complete the process. We hear over and over that it’s something a business owner wants to do, knows they have to do, but just haven’t found the time. From initial consultation, throughout the design process, to completion and sign off, NC Web requires little time at all.

Another huge benefit is that we can offer real time publishing of a business’ NoCowboys reviews on their site – giving potential customers that added security and peace-of-mind, wth authenticated third party reviews. We see too many websites that copy and paste only good reviews on their sites – with no provenance and the possibility of scrutiny from the Commerce Commission as they crack down on ‘suspect’ feedback on business websites.

No matter the size of a business or the requirements they have for marketing their goods and/or services on the internet, NC Web can create sturdy, beautiful, multi-page sites, with fantastic security and SEO. So, if your business is national, or located in Invercargill, Dunedin, Timaru, Christchurch, Greymouth, Nelson, Wellington, New Plymouth, Hamilton. Hastings, Napier, Auckland or Whangarei – and every place in between (you get the idea!), NC Web can have your business online through the best website you didn’t even imagine possible.