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by | Mar 10, 2021

Simple marketing is the most effective

Marketing is essentially the bridge across the gap between your business and the customers you want to attract. NoCowboys provides the most effective means to close that gap – using your greatest, and probably most under utilised asset – your reputation.

We provide the platform for your customers to tell their stories about your business, your services, your products to millions of New Zealanders – through our website and through Google.

You probably already have great word-of-mouth, and you know that it’s a hugely effective way of growing your customer base – but traditional word-of-mouth is limited. NoCowboys represents your reputation online – where over 90% of consumers make all of their purchasing decisions.

Every successful business strives to be excellent at what they do and to provide great service and top quality products. But how do they let people know that? You could be the best business in New Zealand but without the right marketing, how would anyone else know that?

To be the best you need to be the best at marketing your business

NoCowboys is the platform that sells your business through the reviews of your past customers. We take your most important asset and help you use it to its greatest potential.

Why are reviews so important?

Reviews are a multifaceted asset to every business.

  • They attract motivated customers who do not want to take a stab in the dark before investing in products or services
  • They are far more likely to win quotes than just price itself
  • They generate SEO, as they are user generated content – valued by online search engines in aggregating up-to-date information for search results
  • They are market research that allows you to monitor the performance of your business and your staff.

But I have reviews on Google and Facebook, what’s the difference between them and NoCowboys reviews?

One word – authenticated. Our reviews are monitored and scrutinised – by robust systems and if needs be, in person. Other online reviews require only an email address – meaning they are easily manipulated and extremely difficult to remove.

NoCowboys pioneered online reviews in New Zealand and we have fine-tuned and developed our platform to stay in step with search engines and consumer behaviour. Kiwis trust us and rely on us to present honest, verified feedback that allows them to make the most informed choices.

Let your customers sell your business

Honesty and transparency will never go out of style. Consumers need to trust before they commit and reviews provide the information that leads to sales and engagement. Without them businesses will flounder, while their competitors with an online reputation will race ahead. Don’t be left behind!

What are you doing to attract new business and how effective is it?

We have helped tens of thousands of Kiwi businesses to boost their turnover through increased customer numbers, all on the strength of online reviews.

Odds are you’ve spent far too much money on other marketing or advertising means that you thought or heard were a good idea. Whether it’s through flyers, directory listings, online keyword auctions or display, radio, or TV advertising, you have more than likely got wrapped up in yesterday’s marketing, when today’s is far simpler than you think.

Perhaps you have tried listing your business with a jobs lead site? In our experience that exercise takes control away from a business and ends up in a competition for the lowest price – to the sole benefit of the jobs posters. Why would you consider selling your goods or services at just above cost, just to get the deal?

We consider Kiwi businesses and tradespeople as highly skilled professionals whose work deserves to be valued and sought after. Why should any business allow consumers to imagine and create a price?

Attract the customers you want and let them come to you.

Online is the largest marketplace of all

To some the Internet is a mystery, when in actuality it is simply a huge resource of information, and for businesses, how you appear online is the difference between failure and success. Over 90% of consumers make their choices online and reviews are a massive driver in those decisions.

NoCowboys is far more than a website

Since our inception we have kept apace of online developments and provide the most cost-effective online marketing at substantially lower cost than other, less effective means.

How does your business look on Google? Have you looked? Have you seen what your online shop window actually looks like? Google is the window to your business – plain and simple.

Registering with NoCowboys positions your business name at the top of the page, when it is searched by potential customers, where your star reviews are instantly visible.

Online searches are the first step when anyone wants to find out more about your business and to make the decision whether to engage your services or purchase your products. No matter what you do to advertise your business – vehicle signage, flyers, print media, for example, then Google is where the deal is either made, or left behind.

We help your business on Google in more ways than one 

NoCowboys’ review platform is just one facet of our service. Every registered business gets its own customisable profile that sells services and products through text, images, social media links and video, as well as affiliations to professional bodies and associations.

Not only does a NoCowboys profile create a fabulous multi-media representation of a business – it has in built facilities to bolster SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

We also advise businesses to sign up to a free Google My Business Profile to further enhance their marketing. NoCowboys reviews are included in them – by number of reviews and overall percentage score.

Drive traffic to your website 

You’ve got a website but what directs customers to it? We can help. A registered NoCowboys profile links directly to your website when it is seen through Google – and through our site.

We can also provide a simple to install streaming code so you can include your NoCowboys reviews on your site so they can be seen in real time.

If you do not have a website, then we can help with that as well – ask us about or website design, creation and hosting options, for every size business and budget.

What’s my business’ reputation worth?

Well, the answer to that is difficult to ascertain, which really means that it’s priceless. So how much would you pay to grow your business on the strength of it? We are incredibly proud of our services, our site, and our marketing expertise. We didn’t get to be New Zealand’s premier online review platform by accident. It has taken hard graft, teamwork and an eye for detail. We stand by our marketing and our registration fees are unbeatable.

Our annual registrations of 999 are tax deductible and GST inclusive. There are zero hidden costs. We believe this is the best online marketing available in New Zealand and we know without a doubt that we can help your business.

How do I register?

Simply click on this link and follow the instructions: Register with NoCowboys


















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