Back in the day we put a listing in the Yellow Pages, chucked the odd flyer through letterboxes and relied on satisfied customers spreading the good message through word of mouth. That was fine then because that was before the internet exploded and became a necessity for consumers. Your greatest ally now is the strength of your online reviews – that boost the old school word of mouth of your happy clients.

Every business needs to keep repeat customers and attract new ones to survive and to grow. Putting your business in the best place online through authenticated reviews, isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential.

Why are reviews essential?

Consumers are looking for them.

97 percent of consumers go online to find out more about a business before they contact them. They aren’t only looking for listings, websites, profiles – they are looking for the reviews of other consumers to help guide their choices. Why? because they do not want to take a gamble – they do not want to get burned. Nearly every consumer will have had a negative experience with a service provider, retail outlet, or a product. They don’t want to repeat that and they want to gather as much information as they can before they commit to engaging someone or paying for a product or service.

If you don’t have online reviews then you’re running to stand still

Smart business owners know that they need to connect what they do or sell to the people who want those products or services. Marketing is not complicated – it is all about the connection between you and the customers you want to attract. Marketing is about creating an attractive pathway to potential consumers. That’s it.

Marketing is not complicated – it is all about the connection between you and the customers you want to attract.

So committing to online reviews will only help your business. Even word of mouth is now followed up by online searches for reviews for piece of mind.

Your customers are your best advocates

Your customers are your best online asset

Your customers are your best online asset


Thinking that satisfied customers will spread the word for you by mere conversation is a mistake. It means you’re actually missing out on happy customers selling your business for you through online reviews. That’s a fantastic resource for every business and if it’s not being utilised, then you will fall behind.

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