In today’s business environment marketing your reputation online is essential.

  • Do you  know what you look like online?
  • Have you Googled your business name and seen what comes up and where?
  • Do you know what other people are saying about you?
  • Do you want to control how you are seen and generate more business from what your customers say about you?


Marketing your reputation online is the best investment you can make for the future of your business

Your reputation is the biggest factor in the overall health of your business – it brings repeat customers to your door and encourages prospective customers to contact you.

Consumers no longer rely on listings or advertisements to form an opinion on whether they want to contact a business. They are actively looking online for reviews before they pick up the phone.

  • 91% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews
  • 63% of consumers use a search engine to find online reviews
  • 37% of consumers go directly to a review site to find/read online reviews
  • 90% of consumers read 10 reviews or less before they feel that they can trust a business
  • 73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant
  • 84% people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation (Source: BrightLocal “Local Consumer Review Survey” 2016).


Online reputation marketing is the only marketing you need

For over a decade NoCowboys has been marketing the reputations of thousands of Kiwi tradespeople and service providers to bring in more customers and more business on the strength of online reputation marketing. We do not advertise your business – we market it.

NoCowboys is not only an interactive website that attracts over 90,000 unique visitors a month – it is a multi-platform online reputation marketing service that leverages your reputation to increase your online presence through consistent and current consumer reviews.

You can spend a lot of money to advertise your business by paying to be top of the page on Google, you can imagine marketing is tricky, that you have no control over it – it isn’t and you do.

What is said about you is far more valuable than what you say about yourself.

The difference between NoCowboys and other marketing options is control

  • Control over how you are seen
  • Control over the content of your multi-media NoCowboys profile with features that boost your SEO
  • Control over how you build your reputation
  • Control over how you respond to your reviews
  • Control over the way you use your reviews to build your business

Building your online reputation is something we have been doing for a while. We are good at it and we enhance our service as technology and society changes.

We can help you realise the value of your greatest asset – your reputation.

NoCowboys multi-platform online reputation marketing

  • Google presence when your business name is searched and when your work and location categories are searched
  • Exposure to the growing number of unique visitors to NoCowboys website – visitors who are looking to connect with skilled and reputable tradespeople and service providers
  • Regular contact with NoCowboys account managers and business managers who will advise you on optimising and increasing your online presence to bring more enquiries to your business
  • A fully featured, multi-media profile that enables you to present your business through text, images, video – linking to your social media profiles and associations or professional bodies you may be a member of. See our manual for setting up a NoCowboys profile to understand the range of features available here

Let us hep you market your reputation online

What is said about us is as valuable as what we can say about ourselves

“NoCowboys has been fantastic for my business. I get more business through NoCowboys than any other website. The fact that you can be reviewed is helpful, l as I know my customers are reading these reviews before they contact me. The customer service at NoCowboys is also top notch. They are very easy to deal with and are happy to sort out queries, no matter how big or small.” (Chris Routhan, Reno Man).

“Kurt Transport Ltd has been registered with NoCowboys for some years now and as we are in the furniture removals industry, our reputation is paramount. Our clients regularly leave feedback on our service at NoCowboys and we receive between 50 & 60% of our referral work from new customers as a direct result of their checking our feedback through the NoCowboys website. If you are a leader in your field, you value your clients’ comments and are looking for ways to increase your sales, use NoCowboys as the portal for them to check your service history. You will not be disappointed with the results.” (Mark Skinner, Kurt Transport Ltd).

“Through word of mouth I had heard of NoCowboys. I decided to give it a trial and we haven’t looked back. The website is very user friendly we have been inundated with work the feedback that clients place has been invaluable and the fees are realistic. I used to spend a massive amount on Yellow Pages advertising each year. I am now down to the bare minimum with them. I always recommend NoCowboys as the advertising site for all tradesmen to use. Now when we need a tradesman NoCowboys is our first call.”  (Shane, Auckland Houseleveling Ltd).