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  • 50%
    "First call out 24/11/21 was to correct a small (irritating?) flow of water into a toilet basin.Prompt action was taken and parts were installed in the cistern.As a result the toilet could not be flushed with the cistern lid down. It turns out that the parts were not the correct ones and over a period we were advised (email and phone) by Laser that their suppliers (Mico Plumbing) had told Laser that there were no parts available to fix our problem. Laser informed us that we would be faced with replacing our toilet suite which is only 18 years old and that this could cost several hundred dollars.

    It was difficult to understand that a company the size of Caroma would not have the correct parts available to repair one of its products that gets as much use as any toilet system and after talking to several people I decided to phone Caroma myself during which I received instant advice that there were in fact the correct parts available. Photographs and parts details were provided by email on 11/2/22. This information was immediately forwarded to the Project Manager at Laser. Our toilet cistern was finally fixed on 14/2/22.

    In short the company installed an incorrect part, blindly accepted the wrong information from their supplier, did not respond to emails and took almost 3 months to complete the work. As a result I managed to negotiate a 20% discount on the account.
    Rating by: Malcolm  |  Rating posted: 11th Mar, 2022  |  Contact: various  |  Job date: Mar, 2022
    Communication: 50%  |  Quality: 50%  |  Reliability: 50%  |  Value: 50%
    Malcolm11th Mar, 2022More details…
  • 0%
    "We had to use this company as part of or complete nightmare build with GJ Gardner Rodney / Orewa Branch. They use the cheapest trades around and these guys have really stepped up to the plate in this respect. The work they have done is lazy, sloppy all our downpipes need to be replaced, they connected our water tanks to the pond and all roof water went to the pond and the driveway storm water went to our water tanks. It took them 3 goes at fixing one downpipe, this simply shows you their careless rip, sh!t and bust attitude. They don't deserve to be in business and if you have any say in using trades Don't Use this company you will regret it. We have since banned them from site and requested another plumber, someone you could call a Tradesman whom is proud of their own work to come and fix all Laser Plumbing Silverdale's mess and they will be paying for it."
    Rating by: Bryce  |  Rating posted: 22nd Mar, 2016  |  Contact: Regan - Owner  |  Job date: Mar, 2016
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Bryce22nd Mar, 2016More details…
  • 15%
    "Laser Silverdale were contracted by our builder for plumbing and gas fitting.
    We organised a gas fire to be installed as an additional item. The installation was a disaster (manufacturers instructions not followed) and we are left with a poor fitting fire in our lounge. While the owner of the business committed to correct it, there was no effort on their part and I became tired of following up and searching for a solution. It appeared their poor workmanship was my problem, and I needed to find a solution. End result I gave up and they never followed up but the problem remains.

    Funny thing I'm building again - guess who won't be getting any work on this build?

    Important to say the other work they undertook was completed OK and that they never invoiced for the fire installation. I'd have preferred an invoice for a better quality installation.

    For me this experience reflects on all Laser operators!
    Rating by: Frank  |  Rating posted: 12th Mar, 2016  |  Contact: Jeremy  |  Job date: Jun, 2015
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 20%  |  Reliability: 20%  |  Value: 20%
    Frank12th Mar, 2016More details…

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