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Petes Pianos and Furniture Removals / Moving Companies in Glendene

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    "On 25th June I called Pete and asked him if he could pack up ur house contents which were due for removal to another house on 01/07/13. He said he could arrange for 2 people to do the job on 29th June at 8.30.
    On 29th 9.30 nobody had arrived. We called Pete and asked him what was happening. His response was "It's only half a job aye". We reminded him that this is what he agreed to do. He cam e back with some silly comments like "that's a silly way of doing things" and asking us who was doing the moving for us.

    When we asked him whether he was going to do the job or not he just said "nah" and put the phone down.

    No apology, no phone call to say he was unable to do the job. Just didn't turn up.

    We ended up getting a reputable company to do the job and would under every circumstance dissuade anyone we know from using this idiot.
    Rating by: Michael  |  Rating posted: 3rd Jul, 2013  |  Contact: Pete  |  Job date: Jul, 2013
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Michael3rd Jul, 2013More details…
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    "My partner and i bought a baby grand piano from Auckland. We contacted Pete’s Piano movers to move the piano to Christchurch, we were told this would take a week and it was asked if it was covered by insurance and we were told it was. We also told Peter that the piano will have to by brought up stairs and also told him the number of steps. His response to this was \'the movers will not like that\'. This is in contrast to what it says on his website. Now a month later and we were still waiting to take possession of the piano. When it did arrive the movers were incredibly rude to my partner they did not want to move the piano up the stairs as they said they were not told of this. They wanted to leave the piano in the garage and us to move it ourselves and put it together. Then they wanted to move the furniture out of the family room and put it in there, and many other bad ideas. However i did notice that the that the piano had been damaged and was marked. I called the shop where i bought it and the lady did say that it was not marked or damaged. She also added that when the removers did come to pick it up they were very rough with it and also had no tools to dismantle it as she had to provide them with the necessary equipment.

    Now to my dismay when talking to the movers in Christchurch they had told my partner that the piano was not insured for the move, at the price i paid this is a farce.

    My partner has tried to contact Pete to get it sorted out and get the Piano delivered because the movers took the body of the piano away again. She did politely ask for the insurance forms for the move but she was meet with hostility and rudeness and of course Pete hanging up on my partner on a number of occasions. All i asked for was the insurance details as the piano has been damaged in the move, but it appears that it has not been insured. Everything stated on the website is a lie.
    Rating by: Evan  |  Rating posted: 23rd Aug, 2011  |  Contact: Petes Pianos And Furniture Removals  |  Job date: Aug, 2011
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Evan23rd Aug, 2011More details…

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    "We got quotes from four companies to move an upright piano. Petes Pianos were willing to lower their price to meet their competitors (they had the highest price originally). They reduced the price if they could work the job in with others they had that week. They had said they would move the piano between 2-3pm but then rang to say it would be about 2 hours late. It ended up that the piano arrived 5 hours late, after dark and past our children\'s bedtime. Luckily that day both parties were at home. When I spoke to them they made it sound like I shouldnt go with other movers who might not be very experienced, but when they arrived they were very rough and ready at both ends, and did small amounts of damage to the properties (a wooden step chipped and mud tracked into carpet). They also were obviously grumpy and rushed and nearly scratched our wall and the flooring...but luckily there was no other damage. When I rang them to give them some feedback and express concern from the other party about damage, I was met with very brusque reply that they did not want any feedback, and I was hung up on.

    I did appreciate that they were willing to lower their price but not at the cost of being treated unprofessionally and at the risk of property damage. I would not use this company again.
    Rating by: Michelle  |  Rating posted: 12th Jul, 2011  |  Contact: Peter   |  Job date: Jul, 2011
    Communication: 50%  |  Quality: 20%  |  Reliability: 20%  |  Value: 40%
    This rating has not been authenticated so it doesn't count towards the overall rating
    Michelle, 12th Jul, 2011More details…

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