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  • 100%
    "On several occasions have bought new fabricated and s/h parts from The Lab Limited and have always found Glenn to be helpful and prompt in fabricating and sending parts on at extremely reasonable prices.
    International shipping was not a drama and the items arrived quickly, clean, well packaged and as described.
    Pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful to deal with at all times and willing to go the extra "yards" with help and advice. At all times I was kept updated with progress of the job and with shipping queries and followup after items were received.

    Highly reccomended business and Im finding it hard to believe negative remarks made below.
    Rating by: Evan  |  Rating posted: 20th Jul, 2013  |  Contact: Glenn Hodges  |  Job date: Jan, 2013
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Evan20th Jul, 2013More details…
  • 100%
    "I have had the pleasure of dealing with Glenn on several occasions, from him oranising the purshase of parts for me to fit myself through Nissan NZ (at excellent rates!! and at no profit to himself- I payed Nissan Hamilton directly) to having him do some more complicated engine and exhaust work on my 300zx, and even a manual conversion to a 4wd terrano, I'm sure there is more I have forgotten to. I have always found Glen excellent to deal with on both a personal and professional level, I've always enjoyed his dry sense of humour and appreciated his tolerance of me sometimes hanging around the workshop while my pride and joy was being worked on.

    I've never lived in Hamilton, but I have and will only ever allow Glen to work on any 300zx I own, he is one of the few mechanics who can actually diagnose faults correctly, not like one those many glorified part changers out there who like to call themselves mechanics. Glens workmanship has always been top notch and I've never had him fit any part that we hadn't discussed, in fact I've always found him to have been at pains to save me money wherever possible.

    I've also sent friends to him with all being very happy and will definitely continue to recommend him, especially to any Nissan performance car owners.

    As for the negative review at the bottom of the page, well it seems an almost laughable fraud to me- it plays to almost every negaitve tradesman stereo type around, just needs a bit of 'Target' style pantie sniffing to top it off lol.

    Glenn is certainly not like that at all, hes an inttelligent and well informed guy with a great (dry) sense of humour, not the cartoonish bigot as made out below.

    Anyway, I would not hesitate to recommend Glen to anyone I know, be they male, female or a newly married polyamourous trangender couple.
    Rating by: Philip  |  Rating posted: 20th Jul, 2013  |  Contact: Glenn Hodges  |  Job date: Mar, 2011
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Philip20th Jul, 2013More details…
  • 100%
    "I recently went to Glenn Hodges through word of mouth from other Z owners that he was the best and knew his stuff. I'm happy to say he certainly lived up to that reputation. He rebuilt a Z completely from scratch and kept me advised every step through the process including numerous photos of the build. He was always upfront about problems encountered including possible issues that the 20-year old vehicle could have down the track so I could make an informed decision on how to proceed. My Z has been purring beautifully for months now and I am glad that I took his expert advice when given. That is after all why you go to a "specialist". These cars are not for the faint-hearted and do need a lot of maintenace to get them up to a reliable road car. I am just glad I have now found my Z-mechanic for life!"
    Rating by: Jacko  |  Rating posted: 19th Jul, 2013  |  Contact: Glenn Hodges  |  Job date: Sep, 2012
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Jacko19th Jul, 2013More details…
  • 100%
    "Glenn is an EXCELLENT example of what a mechanic/technician SHOULD be.
    His communication skills are second to none and he is the most honest person I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with while seeking repairs on my aging beauty.
    I urge No Cowboys to remove the obviously bogus previous review.
    A simple ph call to Glenn will soon show he is THE MAN for any 300ZX related work bar none.

    Chris. "

    Rating by: Chris  |  Rating posted: 19th Jul, 2013  |  Contact: Glenn Hodges  |  Job date: Jul, 2013
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Chris19th Jul, 2013More details…

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