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Xquisite Bathrooms Limited / Bathroom Remodelers

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  • 100%
    "Mr Andy Medland has asked me to provide a reference following the installation of a new bathroom by Xquisite Bathrooms at our home. Without reservation I can highly. Ommend Andy and his team to you for every aspect of the process.
    Andy\'s attention to detail during the design phrase was much appreciated as was his willingness to listen to our wishes and desire. Preparation for the installation was meticulous with a close eye paid to the protection of our furnishings such as the carpeting. The quality of the workmanship during installation of the bathroom from the removal of the old bathroom to the construction of the new fixtures was if the highest standard. Throughout this process Andy skilfully project managed all the tradesmen and tackled any problems quickly and efficiently.

    Needless to say we are thrilled with our new bathroom and cannot praise Andy highly enough. A great job which was extremely well done.
    Rating by: Bob  |  Rating posted: 3rd May, 2013  |  Contact: Andy  |  Job date: Nov, 2012
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Bob3rd May, 2013More details…
  • 100%
    "We have recently replaced our 20 year old bathroom and engaged Xquisite Bathrooms to undertake the project.
    From the outset we found Andy Medland to be highly proffessional. He impressed with his commonsense approuch and was very helpful with practical suggestions. His initial design and estimated costs were provided within a couple of days of his initial consultation.
    Once the contract was agreed he gave us an estimated start date and time frame for the project which was set at 3 to 4 weeks.

    When work commenced he was regularly on site and gave us a day to day up date on progress. He had all his tradesman organised and invariably they turned up on the day and time set down. They all impressed with their application and standard of work undertaken.

    Andy also liaised with the providers of the various items required to be installed and made sure these too turned uo on time. As a consequence the work proceeded smoothly without any undue delays. He quickly resolved any minor problems which arose.

    Andy was a pleasure to deal with. We are very happy with the result. We have no hesitation in recommending Xquisite Bathrooms to anyone contemplating a bathroom upgrade.
    Rating by: Rohan  |  Rating posted: 3rd May, 2013  |  Contact: Andy  |  Job date: May, 2011
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Rohan3rd May, 2013More details…
  • 35%
    "Xquisite Bathrooms promises much upfront but does not follow through. Fails to meet all promised quality outcomes despite charging at higher end. Insufficient supervision of his sub tradespeople, and attention to detail, resulting in unnecessary (and unattractive) mistakes and overall low value for money. They get irritated by any reasonable queries concerning quality, easily losing his cool. Despite assurances to the contrary when committing to the contract, they ignore guarantee commitments. Much better project managers available elsewhere in Wellington/Kapiti."
    Andy responded:
    "Xquisite Bathrooms are absolutely horrified to read what Peter has to say about us after all we did to get his bathroom completed to his satisfaction and are at a complete loss as to why he would say such things. With every client of Xquisite Bathrooms their is two progress payments where you pay after we have completed a certain amount of work to the clients satisfaction and a final payment which you only pay if you are happy with the outcome of the bathroom. It begs the question why Peter paid all his payments. Peter has a gripe because we charged him for the plasterer to skim the walls after he made a mess of them by him taking off the wallpaper. It was clear in the contract that Xquisite Bathrooms had not allowed to remove the wallpaper or for the plasterer to skim the walls. All the tradies that worked on this job struggled with this man as he was rude and unreasonable. It shows a lot about how this man works by hiding behind a nasty email sent to Nocowboys. Peter is also a lawyer so why did he not take us to court if he was so unhappy. "
    Rating by: Peter  |  Rating posted: 30th Jan, 2013  |  Contact: Andy  |  Job date: Jul, 2012
    Communication: 40%  |  Quality: 30%  |  Reliability: 40%  |  Value: 30%
    Peter30th Jan, 2013More details, one reply…