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Elite Concrete Andrew Misur / Concrete Services in Belmont (Lower Hutt)

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    "This has been an absolute travesty.
    Contracted to do our driveway but other than turning up on the day on time the whole thing was an abortion. When he had the concrete laid we had to pay as suppliers won't give him an account for concrete. It arrived in two lots several hours apart and therefore was different as first lot had already started drying. To pebble it he chucked some stones on top. He concreted up to the lip of the garage pad and was quite surprised that was incorrect as of course the garage door wouldn't close and water came in. He had boxed part of it by using rocks. He also paid the guys working for him in cash that he begged from us.

    Over the next month he used a small hand grinder to remove this part of the concrete which left a totally unmatched area in front of the garage - the garage door still doesn't close properly.

    He was going to get it sandblasted but instead water-blasted it himself with the smallest water-blaster in history. That wasn't enough however to get rid of the concrete splashed up on the glass and brick-work.

    The continual grinding left a huge amount of dust in the garage. He was going to get commercial cleaners however turned up himself to clean up saying that he could do a better job. Instead he was pathetic - there is still concrete dust in the garage, many things have been ruined by his ineptitude.

    He left concrete in the garden, he had to use our buckets as he didn't have any of his own, he even concreted to the point of jamming one of the house seams under the concrete.

    He would make promises to turn up at a specific time and date and never had intention of doing so - we would wait around for hours/days with no contact as his phone had run out of money or battery.

    When the concrete cutter came he asked us for the money as he said he wouldn't get paid by Andrew.

    We got a real concrete person come in recommended by Atlas who said the whole lot needs to come up - it is simply a disaster.

    He was being supervised by a guy named Fred who had "years" of experience apparently.

    At the end Andrew had the gall to say it was our fault as we weren't supervising him.

    We'd love to take him to the cleaners but he seems to not have any money so other than the moral high ground it wouldn't achieve anything. And he would probably only turn up a few days after a hearing if at all.

    As per previous comment he is inept, a promise-breaker, and simply awful. He has no idea what he is doing and further has no idea how to fix his stuff-ups.

    Sadly with concreting there is nothing like standards required or any regulation.
    Rating by: Mark  |  Rating posted: 31st Oct, 2015  |  Contact: Andrew Misur  |  Job date: Dec, 2014
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    Mark31st Oct, 2015More details…
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    "Elite Concrete, Andrew Misur contracted to do our rather large driveway project. Our experience with this man is a long story of mis-managment. Suffice to say here that in our experience Andrew Misur is not capable as a concreter. On our project he showed himself to be incompetent, unsafe, dishonest, incapable of instructing or managing his sub-contractors, unable to read plans, inept, disorganised and unable to fully comprehend to scope of the work required, or to have the ability to complete the job at all.

    He told us he had no money and no insurance, so if he botches up your job (as he did ours and those of others we have been told of since) he cannot fix it. Giving this job to Andrew Misur at Elite Concrete was a fantastic waste of money and time. We would strongly advise anyone looking for a concreter to avoid him. He was introduced to our job by Daniel Lyden (AA Active Concrete) and works with Marcus (Coast to Coast), our experiences with them lead us to believe they are much the same and we will be definitely avoiding them in the future too. Andrew Misur seems to seek work mainly on Auckland's North Shore.
    Rating by: Alicia  |  Rating posted: 21st Jun, 2015  |  Contact: Andrew Misur  |  Job date: Jun, 2015
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    Alicia21st Jun, 2015More details…
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    "Job was to take out part of a driveway - remove existing concrete and replace with new concrete.
    Poor work quality - rushed job, my house was left in a mess - concrete sprayed over the fence and house, my fence was broken, drains was blocked with cement, First laying of concrete was such a bad job that it all had to be removed and redone.
    Poor time management - job took 2 months to complete and this wasn't done without constant chasing up by myself, the owner would avoid my calls - until I threatened to go to Fair Go.

    Job was promised to be completed by Christmas and job wasn't finished until end of February.

    dealt with over 5 different people within the business all promising me different time frames and different qualities

    My phone charger was stolen when I lent to a employee to charge their phone

    This job resulting in weeks and weeks of inconvenience as we weren't able to use the driveway, it ended up creating stress between myself and my neighbors.

    I wouldn't recommend Elite Concerting to anyone.
    Rating by: Tracy  |  Rating posted: 8th Apr, 2015  |  Contact: Andrew Misur  |  Job date: Dec, 2014
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    Tracy8th Apr, 2015More details…

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