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Cstuff / Computer and IT Services in Ponsonby

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    "Pretty disappointing. Poor customer service, misleading information, no contact on repair. Overall pretty poor."
    Rating by: Rhys  |  Rating posted: 3rd Jan, 2016  |  Contact: Sales Person  |  Job date: Jan, 2016
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Rhys3rd Jan, 2016More details…
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    This is all I can say about Cstuff's service. Wow as in 'look away now if zero customer service makes you violently ill'. As it turns out it takes Cstuff weeks to see stuff. What stuff? The stuff that you drop in to be reparied and are promised an update within 3-5 working days. That stuff.

    As it happened and is currently happening for me:

    Dropped my imac in to be repaired. Was told I would be given a call within 3-5 working days to update me on what the problem might be and next steps.

    10 days later - no call

    Went to website to get the phone number to call - website down. No diversion to facebook at this point. Bad look for an I.T company but just another clear example of how this company functions.

    Went in on foot to complain on day 11 and was told the technician was on lunch and would call me in the afternoon.

    No call.

    2 days later, I received a call to pick up the computer. Everything was ok. The computer was fixed and was working fine. At this point I was assured that if the problem returned I was to come straight back in and the technicians would analyse it straight away.

    So I picked up the computer. The power cord was missing.

    Called Cstuff. They forgot to put the power cord in. 'Can you come back to pick it up', they said. No offer of couriering it to me. Lovely.

    Got the cord, turned on the computer and hey presto - The exact same problem I was having with my computer when I dropped it off, was staring me in my super angry, $150 less well off face.

    Called Cstuff back. They asked me to bring in the computer again but assured me they would see to it promptly and would also call me to let me know what was happening as the computer was seen to.

    4 days later - No call.

    That brings me to this very moment. I just called them and I've been told that it hasn't been seen yet and will be seen tomorrow.

    This is weeks after I initially dropped it off. I'd be happier if I was told my computer was dead and I had to buy a new one. But no. It's been the worst customer service I've probably ever received. I've been charged $150 and the problem is still there.

    If this sounds like the kind of service you like to experience, please don't hesitate and call the guys at Cstuff now. I say call cause, like my computer, their website is still broken.


    Rating by: Jim  |  Rating posted: 27th Mar, 2014  |  Contact: All Staff  |  Job date: Jan, 2014
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Jim27th Mar, 2014More details…
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    "Truly awful customer service and they destroyed my previously functioning pc with their \"upgrade\" and then tried to blame me for the damage. The manger became very abusive when I brought the pc in to give them the chance of fixing the problem. ended up with my money back but no pc anymore. They should not be in business."
    Rating by: Kirsty  |  Rating posted: 14th Jan, 2013  |  Contact: Michael  |  Job date: Mar, 2011
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Kirsty14th Jan, 2013More details…
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    "Very disappointed with lack of communication and not showing up when promised. "
    Rating by: Henry  |  Rating posted: 8th Nov, 2009  |  Contact: Michael  |  Job date: Nov, 2009
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Henry8th Nov, 2009More details…

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Computer and IT Services

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Ponsonby, Auckland City and Suburbs

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