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  • 100%
    "Dave did an awesome job on our bathroom renovation. It looks great, and everything was just how we wanted it."
    Rating by: Jeremy  |  Rating posted: 6th Jul, 2016  |  Contact: David Chapman  |  Job date: Jul, 2016
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    6th Jul, 2016More details…
  • 100%
    "DS Design and Build were prompt, professional and skillful with the work they did for us. No job was too big or too small and we have no hesitation in recommending them for any future work. "
    Rating by: Bream Bay Medical Centre  |  Rating posted: 4th Jul, 2016  |  Contact: David Chapman  |  Job date: Jul, 2016
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    4th Jul, 2016More details…
  • 100%
    "When we engaged DS Design and Build to help us create and build our beachside getaway, we knew they would face several challenges to achieve our dream. We wanted the buildings to work in with the native bush, the stream that runs through the section, the hillside and the nearby ocean. We aslo wanted the build to be done in two stages and it had to be unique, quality built and yet affordable. The first stage is nearing completion and DS Design and Build have been exceptional. They designed and built the first three cabins set back into the bush, each with their own Quila decks, cedar fronts and colour steel roofing. In conjunction with the relevant engineering and geotechnical requirements, they built the solid timber retaining wall for the main house site and a fourth larger cabin. The second stage starts next year in 2017 with construction of the main beach house, two outdoor fireplaces and a large deck."
    Rating by: John  |  Rating posted: 29th Jun, 2016  |  Contact: David Chapman  |  Job date: Feb, 2016
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    29th Jun, 2016More details…
  • 100%
    "Great communication, and an excellent team to work with! Recommend these guys 100%"
    Rating by: Gina  |  Rating posted: 30th Apr, 2016  |  Contact: David Chapman  |  Job date: Apr, 2016
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    30th Apr, 2016More details…
  • 100%
    "We have a 1960s house that we wanted to renovate and modernise. It can be difficult to renovate an older home and still make it "fit and flow" but DS Design & Build exceeded our expectations regarding this. From building our fabulous enlarged kitchen, bathroom, guest room, dining room and lounge, to creating an open, spacious and modern patio to take full advantage of our coastal views, DS Design & Build have been brilliant. They completed our renovations in a timely, efficient manner and kept us well informed as the work progressed. We were particularly impressed with their workmanship and attention to detail and it was all completed within our stipulated budget. We have no hesitation in recommending DS Design & Build to anyone considering building or renovating."
    Rating by: Karen  |  Rating posted: 11th Mar, 2015  |  Contact: David Chapman  |  Job date: Mar, 2015
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    11th Mar, 2015More details…

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