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    "Phone local plumber, got a nice answer phone message, we are busy at present please leave our name and number and we will call you back. Three months later still waiting for the return call. Keep away from Ian Stephens Plumbing."
    Rating by: Shelley  |  Rating posted: 28th Apr, 2017  |  Contact: Answer phone  |  Job date: Feb, 2017
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
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    "This would be the worst experience we came across doing our renovation, Lee at Ian Stevens Plumbing were contracted through our builders install our ensuite Shower, toilet and vanity along with doing all the plumbing required. Firstly when I arrived home to see things had been installed lope sided! (Shower tape and toilet flush buttons) at first Lee was pleasant to deal with and came to fix/level, change scratched glass doors and then we realised our shower wall was not stuck to the wall! Lee came twice to try and fix and then said it was as per manufactures instructions ???? This didn't wash with me so I rung there office and was abused by his sister on the phone who apparently was also a "director" of the company, she ended the conversation by saying 'What do you expect from a 'cheap' $500 shower?! We were not told the individual price we paid for each bathroom item, we paid them $2400 for a shower, toilet and vanity ? To me thats not cheap and someones taking us for a ride with this mark ups! Finally after heated conversations with Ian Stevens and our builders they came back and replaced the shower lining and again it would not stick.. finally the company who imports the showers came to the rescue and had a go... 2 hours later we have a shower wall attached and its comes to our attention it was a intasllation issue not a product default they keep insisting... If I could I would review this company -10 stars and warn any person to stay way from them."
    Denise responded:
    "We were contacted by the “Builder” that Shannon had employed to provide a Quote for A Bathroom Renovation with the View of the House being put on the Market, the Scope was look good but not expensive. Shannon was not at the initial meeting at the property. All the Fixtures and Fitting were picked prior to the Start of the job by Shannon’s Mother, it was then decided that The House would be kept, the “Builder” asked if there was anything that they would like changed due to the Change in Circumstances. We supplied the Shower, Toilet, Vanity, Shower Mixer, Shower Rail and Basin Mixer. For a Total cost of $2400.00. Once the job was completed we were contacted by Shannon via Text on 20 May 2016, advising that she wanted the Hardware in the Bathroom changed. this is when things took a down turn. Shannon did not like the Basin Tap as it was too Bulky and too much Chrome, The Vanity was not as she said she asked for as the Handles on the Soft Close doors where chrome, we had to have these Powder Coated to White(this was included in the $2400.00). Shannon also said the Shower was not the size that they had asked for. The Slide Rail , Tap and Basin Mixer were all picked to Match, after visiting we then went to our Supplier and sent photo’s Via Text message for her to select the look she liked. We then replaced the Slide Rail and the Basin Mixer at our cost. 17 days later after we had changed the Slide Rail and Tap we received a Text Message on 7 June, saying that we had scratched the Shower Door, there was no mention at this point about The Shower lining, after talking to the “Builder” and “Supplier” of the Door, these were replaced at the “Builders cost”, we spoke to the Door Supplier. Who had never had a door scratched before. Lee then started receiving Text messages from Shannon, regarding the Shower Walls moving. These text were being sent in the Evenings, even after we had visited that day. The text were getting more persistent, we then asked her to raise her concerns with her “Builder” as she was not our Client. Shannon contacted our Office, I spoke to her, she said she had issues with a Shower that we had installed, the Suburb she Quoted was not on our job records, I then found the job after being given the physical address , I at that point asked her to Contact the “Builder” and discuss her concerns as she was not our Client but theirs and we had no details on the arrangement between them. The Second and Final conversation that I had with Shannon was after Lee had received a Text Message asking that we ring her immediately about the Shower, after she had contacted A Reputable Company who had told her over the phone that we had installed the Shower wrong The Shower Lining was installed as per Englefield and Clearlite installation specifications . I contacted Shannon and remember the Conversation well, I was constantly told by her not to talk over her and let her talk, when I did get to ask Questions, regarding who she had spoken to regarding The Shower installation, I was told she would not tell me, Shannon then advised me “that I was nothing more than a mere Receptionist and why was a mere Receptionist trying to give her advise”. I did advise her that I was part Owner of the Company and a Director, to which she responded she didn’t care, as far as she was concerned, I was just a Receptionist and only fit to answer the phone. Shannon then said that she had expected for the Middle Range Shower that she had paid for to be better, I advised her that the Shower that was installed was what we called a “Budget Shower” and was $528.00. There is nothing wrong with a Budget Shower, I have the very same one installed at my House in a Utility Room. I raised the change of Fitting in the Bathroom, I was advised by Shannon in the conversation that these items were scratched, I returned them to the Supplier as damaged. These were returned to the Supplier after this conversation to be advised that there was nothing wrong with them, no Scratches found. I again asked Shannon to contact the “Builder” with her concerns, at this point the conversation ended when Shannon advised she had to get back to work. I advised the “Builder” of the conversation, he later contacted me asking to resent the Invoice for the Fitting to pass onto Shannon as he could not locate his copy. There were several conversations between us and the “Builder”, it was decided by the “Builder” to install a complete new Shower this was installed into the Bathroom except the Base by our Main Shower Installer. Shannon contacted the “Builder” a couple of days later saying this one was doing the same thing. We decided to get the “Supplier” involved, they at first were advising that it could not happen as it was being described. The Builder and I persevered after several conversations got them to agree to look at this Liner. The “Supplier” went to the Property, he then liaised with the “Builder” and us on this, I then received a phone call from the Supplier, advising that this Lady was ringing demanding to know when her Shower was being Changed, I spoke to the “Builder” and in a conference call between the Three of us, the “Builder” asked could the “Supplier” please liaise directly with Shannon which he kindly agreed to do. I have been told by the Supplier that they installed the different Shower Liner in a manner not normally used, as there were abnormalities behind the wall that may have been causing the separation of the lining from the Wall. As Trades People we all encounter people, some that will only accept their version of events as the Truth. No matter how much you try to Help you will not be praised, only criticised when that one thing may go wrong. "
    Rating by: Shannon   |  Rating posted: 25th Aug, 2016  |  Contact: Lee Stevens  |  Job date: May, 2016
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
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  • 100%
    "We have called Ian Stephens on two occasions with urgent plumbing needs and on both occasions they've had someone to us within the hour (granted we live about 10 mins from their office). Communications from the plumber on both occasions was excellent and in the first instance it turned out not to be a plumbing issue and they did not charge us for the call-out and in the second instance the repair was done to an excellent standard and the plumber cleaned up after himself as well.
    Would definitely useagain
    Rating by: Gloria  |  Rating posted: 23rd Oct, 2015  |  Contact: Ian Stephens plumbing  |  Job date: Sep, 2015
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
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  • 95%
    "Third time in a row I have used Ian Stephens. This time was for a new laundry tub and had a mains HW cylinder installed last year. Am impressed with the workmanship and communication. Great to have the reassurance of the Master Plumbers guarantee with competitive pricing."
    Rating by: Greg   |  Rating posted: 14th Jan, 2015  |  Contact: Denise  |  Job date: Jan, 2015
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 80%
    14th Jan, 2015More details…
  • 100%
    "Very happy with the job done! Will definitely use again."
    Rating by: Heather  |  Rating posted: 30th Apr, 2013  |  Contact: (Can't Remember)  |  Job date: Apr, 2013
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    30th Apr, 2013More details…
  • 100%
    "We have found these guys great. First we used them to install our dishwasher. Of all the quotes we got, they were the cheapest and they kept to the price they gave over the phone as well.
    We then got them to fix a leak under ground. They used a leak detection company to find it - fixed it and all for a very resonable price.
    Rating by: Jason And Sharon  |  Rating posted: 21st Oct, 2011  |  Contact: Lee  |  Job date: Oct, 2011
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    21st Oct, 2011More details…
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    "I would never use again or recommend to anyone Ian Stephans plumbing. A \'two week\' job turned into a 5 month nightmare that letf me out of pocket and having to completely redo the job they had be asked to do.
    As you will see I have left the Was the job reasonably priced at mid way - maybe this is a lesson in its self they were well priced.
    However they took on a project that they obvioulsy didn\'t have the skill to do that resulted in a complete mess.
    Denise responded:
    "We were contacted by Chris in early November and provided him with a quote on 9 November 2009 broken down into several parts . The job was started on 16 November 2009, during the time working at Chris’s we had to purchase extra tiles as not enough were purchased by him initially to complete the job. At a cost of $400.00+ gst to us, We also had to have the shower door remade at our expense as there had been a mixup as showers are measured by external measurement not internal as Chris wanted it to be bigger.at cost of $300.00 + gst In December 2009 Chris started to complain that the tiles were not level after several attempts of removing tiles and replacing them in December at our cost, this went on daily as each day he would mark tiles that were not previously marked as having a problem this went on for approx 2 weeks, we had to stop work later December as he had overseas visitors arriving. On 19 January 2010 we again started to try and to sort out the problems with the tiles, again we were going through the process of them being marked daily as we had in December 2009 this again at our cost, as we were still encountering issues with the level of the tiles up until the 4 February 2010 I contacted Heritage Tiles and asked had they had any problems with the tiles, after discussions with them they asked me to find out some information from Chris. I contacted Chris asking questions about how tile board was laid etc…and making sure that no one was going on the tiles before they had time to dry... We were still trying our best to resolve the issues. At this point we received another letter I might say not a nice letter from Chris. He then advised us that he was going to get a professional to look at the job He then proceeded to advise he would get someone else in to do the tiling but assured us that we would not be out of pocket as he was fair and reasonable person In May I did try to sort out an amicable solution but received another e-mail with the following in it so that you can conclude this job I look forward to receiving payment from you for $1733 In response to the e-mail which requested us to pay him the above amount plus other comments.. I asked for copies of the Invoices of the costs he incurred, these charges written on his e-mail were similar to our quote. The request for this was ignored by Chris. I have not heard anything from him since May 2009 till his comments posted in November 2010.. There is always 2 sides to every story, people should be honest. I knew who “Chris” was even though he did not put his full name, as we do not have that may problems with clients He was never asked to pay anything by our Company We did have a problem with this customer with regard to his expectations of how he though the work should be, we did our upmost to rectify the situation with the tiles and keep the customer happy. We even gave him a set of towels at Christmas because we knew he was not happy. We do stand by our work, but feel that Chris would never have been happy no matter what we did, he’s not happy now even though he has not been charged for any Items that we purchased on his behalf that are still in his new bathroom. It’s a shame that a Trades people we can’t rate the difficult customers. "
    Rating by: Chris  |  Rating posted: 21st Nov, 2010  |  Contact: Lee  |  Job date: Nov, 2009
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 50%
    21st Nov, 2010More details, one reply…
  • 100%
    "Ian Stephens plumbers provide out standing service as well as advice which saved me a lot of money.
    they turned up at the prescribed time and cleaned up after they had finished.
    I was very surprised to find them listed on this site.
    should anyone want to recieve a reference about his trades company please contact the writer at Excom Education
    Rating by: Chris Haines  |  Rating posted: 27th Jun, 2008  |  Contact: Lee  |  Job date: Jun, 2008
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    27th Jun, 2008More details…

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