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Mag & Turbo Warehouse - Alicetown / Alicetown

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  • 63%
    "Labour Saver Card program is more or less a rort.
    One would think that the parts and oil cost would be equivalent to the full price service less the "labour savings" as printed on the card.
    However, they will charge more than that, plus give you a cheaper oil (as printed on my invoice) than the standard Mobil Oil they use.
    Rating by: Greg  |  Rating posted: 28th Jan, 2016  |  Contact: Al  |  Job date: Jan, 2016
    Communication: 60%  |  Quality: 40%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 50%
    Greg28th Jan, 2016More details…
  • 50%
    "Good on the phone and the job was done in a fairly timely manner, though an hour and a half late to finish. I was using a servicing package bought pretty cheap which gives you the use of a number of services at a cheap rate. I wanted oil & oil filter change, air filter cleaned, front/rear wheel swap, new front pads (not included), bleed the brakes and a coolant flush.
    Problem Number 1 ..... I drove the car home and it ran a tad hot. I checked under the bonnet and there was NO COOLANT. I filled it and the amount I put in is still there so it wasn\'t a cracked tank/perforated hose to blame.

    Problem Number 2 ...... after the service i allowed time for the pads to bed in but I noticed the action of the brake pedal was still fairly spongy. I bled a little of the brake fluid myself and noticed it still had a slight off-colour yellow (indicating it wasn\'t fresh DOT 4). I have since had the brakes bled. Pedal is now firm.

    Maybe i should have given them the chance to put it right, but A) I might have been a soccer mum and had no idea something was wrong with their service, it shouldn\'t be up to me to check up on a mechanic\'s work - what do I pay you for... and B) After making such a **** up I don\'t want you near my car again.

    Maybe the mechanic that serviced my car no longer works there. Maybe these were mistakes made by an apprentice. Maybe this was just a one-off. I don\'t care - this rating reflects my experience and I would not recommend anyone uses this business to service their auto.
    Rating by: Stuart  |  Rating posted: 12th Jun, 2012  |  Contact: Unknown  |  Job date: Feb, 2012
    Communication: 90%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 60%  |  Value: 50%
    Stuart12th Jun, 2012More details…

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