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Hauraki Panel and Paint - Mount Wellington / Panel Beaters in Mt Wellington

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    "After a small accident, with Minor bumper damage AMI told us to take it to their gold repairer mt Wellington hauraki panel and paint. We had hoped that it would take about a week to get fixed. Well we got the car back in January. After various reasons, painting wrong colour shade, other damages to the car, popped water bottle, starting and wiring issues, rubber falling out from the doors it went in for a bumper fix, noting to do with near doors. If you have a classic car, as we do or in fact any car avoid these guys. We have now the issue of the paintwork already bubbling and cracking. Not impressed. Not only terrible communicators saying they would phone and never phoning they are liners as they said they had phoned auto electrians and they never did. When their suggested auto electrians came out They told us that our car parts such as alternator, starter motor were old and crapping out which was a joke as they are brand new and they felt stink when we had receipts to prove it."
    Rating by: Sharron  |  Rating posted: 15th Feb, 2016  |  Contact: My Wellington hauraki panel and paint.  |  Job date: Nov, 2015
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Sharron15th Feb, 2016More details…
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    "I wish I had seen the comment here earlier as I now have the exact issues with my vehicle car went in for minor accident should have taken 1 week tops now 2 months further.
    The car is still there. The car was finished they told me I went there only to see they had only done half the work as they told me oh sorry didn't see the other side.
    Also they Painted the wrong colour. Green instead of the blue.
    The drivers side had an outline from the primer still visible oh that just needs a polish.

    The Car alarm is now also not working indicators keep flashing.

    The Bag for the water sprayer has a hole in it. Get told oh yea must be factory fault not sealed properly.

    The Horn is now also not working.

    Went back last week to be told oh sorry the ignition is now playing up. They had an auto electrician do a report on the vehicle and they wrote due to the age of the vehicle

    this wiring and alarm is all due to wear and tear. Got the car back and to only find the electricians wired the indicators all wrong causing the wires to overheat. Thats

    now why the alarms was playing up and all the other electrical isues they shorted it out. Rang the electrician who came and sorted the wiring which took almost 2 hours.

    For only two indicators. Had to then contact the insurance and tell them and finally they paid for a new alarm. Other electrical bits ignition and horn i soreted myself

    as it would probably have taken even longer. Colour on car still isnt correct but will get it repainted elsewhere.

    So beware of these clowns.
    Rating by: mark  |  Rating posted: 6th Feb, 2016  |  Contact: Hauraki Panel And Paint  |  Job date: Nov, 2015
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    mark6th Feb, 2016More details…
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    "This rating is for the MT WELLINGTON branch of Hauraki Panel and Paint.

    Hauraki did an insurance repair on my new vehicle. It was supposed to be a simple replacement of the wing mirror. On top of that, I ended up with replacement rear door glass and re-paint of entire left hand side panels. I was never informed of or consequently agreed to this scope of repair beforehand, nor was the insurance assessor, because they are a “gold repairer” who can undertake repairs up to $5000 in value without insurance assessor’s approval. I didn’t know this before.

    Furthermore, the quality of the repair was very poor. On first delivery, they forgot to paint the joint (when folding in) and the inner frame of the wing mirror. I had to wait on spot till this was rectified.

    A few days later, I started to notice more issues with the paint, including large amount of dusts, bubbles and peels. I contacted Hauraki to rectify these, as instructed by my insurance company. I was told to bring in the vehicle, mark the defects and leave it with them. I had to get a friend to pick me up afterwards. A few hours later, the manager phoned to tell me that the extent of the rectification required meant that they had to re-paint the whole left hand side panels AGAIN. But they could not do it right away so asked me to take my car home. I took a bus to pick up my car.

    Several days later, I brought in my car to Hauraki again and was finally provided with a loan car. A week later, I went to pick up my car and only found that their crew made fresh damage to the front wheel guard panel when grooming the car. I saw it with my own eyes and I was appalled and angry. The manager told me that they had to repaint the guard AGAIN.

    A couple of days later, I was assured that everything was perfect and my car was ready. So I did. I subsequently noticed persistent issues with the dusts, bubbles, peels in re-painted area, and even worse the chrome plate of the door handle was rubbed against rough surface and therefore all scratched.

    I took my car to three highly rated (at nocowboys) panel beaters to peer review the finish (without telling them Hauraki did the repair), which confirmed that the repair was not up to standard. After repeated failure of Hauraki in producing an acceptable quality of repair, I made a formal complaint to my insurance. The owner of Hauraki then offered to personally oversee the further repair. However, they no longer had my confidence, given they had already had several unsuccessful attempts. After considerable effort involving senior management of insurance, I was finally allowed to take the car to another panel beater for further repair. They were not a “gold repairer”, but they did an outstanding job.

    But wait, there was more. This other panel beater discovered that one large piece of interior trim was torn and mended roughly. This was the trim that must be removed to access other work area. I asked my insurance to please explain who damaged it, after it agreed to cover the replacement cost. I was told it was the glass company contracting to Hauraki damaged it. When I asked for the name of the glass company, I was then told that it was Hauraki that damaged the trim during the repair. Hauraki never fronted up to me about it, if it wasn’t from this other penal beater, I would never have known. Where is your honesty, Hauraki Mt Wellington?

    This whole experience has brought our family with young children extreme displeasure, huge inconvenience, loss of productivity and impaired new car ownership experience. Neither Hauraki nor the insurance company would be willing to compensate us for the monetary cost incurred (i.e. $330) when asked. To date, I have not received a formal apology from Hauraki. This is not a fair go.

    To sum up, this branch is very poor in communication, reliability, care of customer’s property, workmanship, and customer service ethos. Don’t be fooled by the so called “gold repairer” badge. If you love and care about your car, STAY AWAY.

    Rating by: Neil  |  Rating posted: 11th Nov, 2013  |  Contact: Aaron Finan  |  Job date: Jun, 2013
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Neil11th Nov, 2013More details…

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518 Ellerslie Panmure Highway,
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Panel Beaters, Auto Painting

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Mt Wellington

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