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  • 100%
    "The Best Exhaust People about, been there a few times, best service, easy to work with, recommend to anyone. These guys have years of experience in building and repairing any type of exhaust. They have done great work on my classic cars and my modern cars. Thanks Paul and the team at Takapuna Mufflers. - Chris "
    Rating by: Chris  |  Rating posted: 23rd Aug, 2011  |  Contact: Paul  |  Job date: Aug, 2011
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    23rd Aug, 2011More details…
  • 100%
    "I was recommended Takapuna Mufflers by a colleague who has used them several times in the past to fit towbars to various cars. I had them fit a towbar to my Subaru Forester, the price was about a third the cost of Subaru\'s quote. They did a great job, tucking the frame for the towbar well up behind the bumper so that it all looks very tidy. The job was done on time, and Carl was great with the advice he offered regarding both the towbar and exhaust. Would definitely use them again."
    Rating by: Walter  |  Rating posted: 23rd Jun, 2010  |  Contact: Carl  |  Job date: Jun, 2010
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    23rd Jun, 2010More details…
  • 75%
    "They not only make "made-to-order" tow bars almost without any waiting period, but also give excellent advise on mufflers."
    Rating by: Sri  |  Rating posted: 10th Feb, 2007  |  Contact: Carl  |  Job date: Jan, 2007
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 75%  |  Reliability: 75%  |  Value: 50%
    10th Feb, 2007More details…

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