Gutter and soffit board replacements

Status: Online Publish date: 12/07/2018

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Raymond Low

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I've got a leaking gutter on the west side of my house which has caused the soffit board to crack. That part of the house is on a slope. I've had one lot come in and done a rough job of replacing the board without actually fixing the gutter (close up photo was before this). They also did a bad job of replacing a soffit board on the east side of the house when I didn't ask them to and this will need tidying up too. After 5 months of broken promises, I've told them I'm going with someone else. Then I had another lot come to look but after 3 months I still haven't received a quote. My concern is the water leaking from the gutter may leak into the house. I know it is winter and everyone is busy, but please only contact me if you are likely to do the job in the next month or two. Thanks.


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