Bathroom renovation / housee repairs / Wall removal

Status: Online Publish date: 07/11/2018

Customer Name

Graeme Harlow

Customer Request

We would like to renovate our bathroom
-Install a shower over bath, toilet, vanity, flooring, install ventilation etc
-There is a rotten bearer under the existing shower that will need repairing (and the cause of the rot will need adressing also - we suspect the shower waste is leaking onto it)
-due to a leak in the roof (roof has been since repaired) there is moisture damage to the wall lining in the living room and part of the ceiling bulkhead. Wall may need a coat of plaster or re-lining, but I imagine the bulkhead will at least need fresh gib.
- would like to scope the possibiliy of removing what appears to be a structural wall between kitchen and living rooms to open out the space further
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