Tiling of balcony over room below

Status: Online Publish date: 10/02/2019

Customer Name

Pete Tashkoff

Customer Request

10 year old brick and weatherboard house.
Upstairs balcony over the lounge and kitchen area.
balcony is 6020 long inclusive of a gutter at each end which is 140mm each.
Width of tile area is 1080 mm

The tiles have lifted in the centre about 25mm. No idea why - see photos.
The lift tiles have cracked by people walking on them.
There is no leakage into the rooms below so the waterproofing layer is still working OK.
We are looking for a tiler/organisation that is experienced with tiling balconies over rooms and that can provide a guarantee of weatherproofing.
i.e. the last thing I want is to fix one problem (tiles) and then cause a bigger one (leaking into rooms below.)

So would like to understand references for doing this kind of work please.

If this means i need to engage two organisations, one tiling, one waterproofing, please let me know in your response.

Thanks in advance


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