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Status: Online Publish date: 10/10/2019

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Request for quote: Fix for fence spanning 2 properties.

Please provide us a quote for bringing the fence spanning these two properties back to an ‘adequate’ level.

We see 4 main problems at present:
1. The fence does not protect against people falling from one property onto the concrete at the one next door (i.e. it does not extend the whole way up the properties)
2. There are several areas where there was creeper, where palings have become rotten and need replacing
3. A couple of key concrete fence posts appear to be subsiding at present
4. There is a cabbage tree at the far end of the fence which appears to be pushing the fence post over

As part of your quote, it would be good to know:
1. How you propose to fix the various problems listed above (e.g. which posts / palings you see needing to be replaced, whether you will also remove the offending branch of the cabbage tree and whether any further ground works are required to avoid the fence tipping over again);
2. An itemised cost of each fix and a quote for the total cost of the job; and
3. An estimated start date and date of completion (e.g. to be finished before Christmas or not?).


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