Seeking Competitive Hedge Trimming Quotes.

Status: Online Publish date: 13/01/2020

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Jason Blankenaar

Customer Request

Hi there, our usual hedge trimmer was involved an accident (July19) and as a result has had to change careers. The unfortunate situation is that our hedges have no grown since then and we definitely need to have them taken care of pref sooner rather than later. Since we are now looking for a permanent replacement, you quote's customer service and follow ups etc will all be taken into consideration as we would like a long term partner moving forward. Property is just under 500 square meters with 2 borders fully hedged (+4m high) We only need the inside boundaries cut as the council takes care of the outside which flows directly onto Hamlin Park in Mt Wellington. Previous Hedge Guru worked his magic using all sorts of methods to get up, however none of his nwork can now be seen unfortunately due to over growth, but we want it shorter anyway. Give me a call to arrange a time top pop over and and advise accordingly. Jason
Mt Wellington
Auckland NZ
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