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Wilton: Remove pohutukawa & tree ferns

Status: Online Publish date: 23/06/2022

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Hello there,

I'm seeking experienced arborists with public liability insurance, to remove / dispose of a pohutukawa growing out of the bank between my property and my neighbour's property.

And in addition to that, there's a series of about nine small to medium-sized tree ferns also growing out of the bank alongside the tree, likewise to be removed.

The pohutukawa was pruned just six months ago, yet there's already a lot of bushy new growth emerging from the pruned branches and blocking light, such that the situation is heading back to how it was before the pruning was done ...

As removing the tree's lower trunk might compromise the stability of the bank, that might best be left as is - so really, it's the branches that need to be dealt with. Disposal of branches / debris / tree ferns is all downhill to the road.

As the job will mostly be done via my neighbour's section, access permission to their property will be provided before work starts (no problem, as my neighbour is very keen to see the bank tidied up).

Attached are photos of the tree, along with an aerial view (from before the tree was pruned), showing the location of the tree, the tree ferns, and access. In addition to a quote, a rough idea of when the job could be done would be handy.

OK then, thankyou!


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