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Paint removal\stripping from Nuraply deck - Immediate start

Status: Online Publish date: 05/08/2022

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Hi there,
I need heat-gun and scraper removal of existing sealer and paint (or perhaps in combination with a chemical stripper)from a small area of 'Nuraply' hot seal membrane deck to prepare a clean surface (for a second layer of Nuraply being applied soon). Estimate 15-20 sq metres. The deck is in good condition but some of this paint is peeling off already as per pictures, so the adhesion will be variable..
~10 sq m of the floor area does not need stripping as it will be built over by a conservatory in future. The deck sidewalls will need stripping to just over the rail but that beige paint appears loose and flaking recently when waterblasted.
I value care and attention above speed for this job, so prefer an hourly rate rather than a job quote.
Priority is to maintain the water-tightness of the membrane and achieve an even clean surface for gluing down a second membrane.
Pictures as attached.
I can pay in full immediately upon completion or per day and up to 10% deposit in advance (given there is no materials required).


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