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Why should I register my business with

Permanently capture and leverage your existing goodwill

The most effective method of winning new business is by word-of-mouth/customer referral and chances are that you already attract more new customers in this way than by any other. However, by its very nature, word-of-mouth tends to be short-lived and its effectiveness is limited to those people immediately known to the customer. With NoCowboys, you can permanently capture ratings from your satisfied customers and put them to work for you in attracting new business from the thousands of visitors to NoCowboys every month as well as new customers you are pitching to for work.

Customer ratings on NoCowboys are highly effective and regarded as trustworthy because consumers see us as independent of your business. You can also have confidence in the NoCowboys rating system due to the comprehensive safeguards in place to prevent abuse of the rating system. View details of our anti-abuse rating system.

Your own internet webpage

The internet is one of the most effective marketing tools available today and its popularity is growing exponentially. Your business cannot afford to be without an effective web presence. However, many businesses are understandably reluctant to incur the costs and hassle of establishing and maintaining their own website.

Registering your business with provides you with your own individual, customizable NoCowboys webpage. This allows you to give potential customers much more information about your business and the services you offer including "About us" and "What we do" text boxes, the ability to upload photos and files (like price lists and terms and conditions), your business logo and any other marketing material you wish.

You receive unlimited access to your NoCowboys webpage which is quick and easy to update as you see fit. No particular computer expertise is required and no additional costs are incurred when you elect to update the material on your webpage.

Registration ensures that your webpage stands out from the unregistered businesses on NoCowboys and helps you attract the attention of potential customers. The screenshot below is an example of a registered business webpage on

Registered business webpage on

Compare this to an unregistered business webpage:

Unregistered business webpage on

Increase traffic to your existing website

If you have already developed your own website, registration provides you with the means to increase traffic to your site by including a link on your NoCowboys webpage. Visitors to your website from NoCowboys will be highly qualified potential customers as they are already looking for the specific services which you can provide.

Priority and a more prominent listing in NoCowboys searches

Category and area searches on will display Customer Preferred businesses (see below) then Registered businesses and finally unregistered businesses servicing the area in question. Customer Preferred Businesses (see below) are listed in random order. Registered and unregistered businesses are ordered according to their overall score based on individual customer ratings. That is, those with the highest overall score appear at the top of their group and those with the lowest at the bottom.

However, suburb level searches (that is, the most refined area searches) will first return businesses physically located in the particular area, followed by Customer Preferred businesses (see below) then Registered businesses and finally unregistered businesses servicing that area.

A registered business also stands out in NoCowboys searches. Your business name is in bold, appears on a blue background, is marked "Registered", contains additional information such as your website details, and is larger than an unregistered listing. Consequently, your listing is more likely to be selected by potential customers.

Listing of registered businesses

Become a Customer Preferred business

"Customer Preferred" businesses are registered businesses which have 5 or more reviews, minimum overall customer rating of 85% and the latest review less than 6 months old. Consequently, these businesses have a proven ability to meet their customers' expectations on a consistent and sustained basis. Customer Preferred businesses are marked "Customer Preferred", appear in multiple blues and always at the top of NoCowboys search lists and receive more traffic than any other type of webpage. Customer Preferred Businesses are listed in random order in order to encourage potential customers to consider more than the first one or two businesses listed.

Email rating notifications, availability indicator, email communication

As a Registered business, you also receive a number of enhanced features not available to those with unregistered listings:

NoCowboys mapping function

Show the location of your business on a map on your NC webpage.

Show the location of your business on the map

Actively manage your customer ratings

Some customers may simply post numerical ratings for the job you did for them. Many will also leave comments. Registration enables you to respond to feedback, whether positive or negative. You have the option of commenting on the job, putting your side of the story, thanking the customer for alerting you to something you were unaware of or otherwise responding in a manner you consider professional and appropriate. All feedback provides you with an opportunity to improve your relationship with your customers.

Advertisements on the NoCowboys webpages of your unregistered competitors

As a registered business on, your business will be selected at random to appear on the NoCowboys webpage of your unregistered competitors in your area at no extra cost at present. This provides you with extra exposure to potential customers.

Drive your customer ratings on your NoCowboys webpage

We have a number of tools available to help encourage your customers to rate your service. They include NC Sheriff logos in the form below which are available in sticker or in downloadable electronic format. This helps you to increase the word-of-mouth referrals from your happy customers which are recorded on your NoCowboys webpage for use as a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers.

In addition, we offer an email facility enabling you to email your customers directly inviting them to rate you on with a link to your NoCowboys webpage to simply the process.

Value for money

Registration with is tax-deductible and unbeatable value for money. Each 12 monthly period is only 999 (incl. GST). Compare this to the cost of advertising in traditional hard copy directories which give you little control or flexibility over the appearance of your advertisement and tell your customers very little about your business.

How do I register?

Simply click on the register your business link and follow the instructions. You won't be charged for creating your business profile.