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Complete Plumbing Services Ltd / Plumbers / Plumbing Contractors in Onehunga

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  • 100%
    "Complete Plumbing are wonderful, they provide a thorough, prompt and affordable service. The team are great to deal with, ,I wouldn't go anywhere else! "
    Rating by: Letitia   |  Rating posted: 19th Dec, 2018  |  Contact: Letiita  |  Job date: Dec, 2018
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Letitia 19th Dec, 2018More details…
  • 20%
    "Generally when I had a bad experience with someone I will simply choose to stay away from them, never bother leaving any feedback on public, this time, you left me no choice!
    Got a roof leak by July this year, noticed they offering free inspection on plumbing section of their website, and they seem to have good reviews, called up and booked for a check, they came by mid July to look at my roof, then said will let office work out a quote for me. Never heard anything until end of July, by the last week of July 2 guys came said to my wife that they will do something, my wife had no idea what's going on and left them to work on it and went to school to pick up kids. She came back in approx 1 hour time and when her returned they have left.

    Then never heard of anything again, until end of August, two guys came again saying need to do some thing, my wife called me up to check what's going on, I spoken in the phone that I have never received any quote or update, please give me some update or at least let me know what happened, they left and said to me will send over quotation when back to office.

    After another month, never heard anything, then by Oct suddenly received an invoice, over $1000, charged for 8 hours labor. I called up/emailed their office trying to figure out what's going on. Email said will let manager to call me back but never happened. Then received no contact for another month.

    Early this week (6th Nov), a guy named Craig called me, explained to him again exactly what happened, and he left voice mail to my phone after investigate saying that from their GPS tracker two guys worked on the roof by their 2nd visit for approx 1 hour 20 minutes and asking to pay for the work. I simply don't understand if you could check on this why would you initially asked me to pay over 8 hours labor and why there's no communication at all for nearly 3 months, as I simply don't want to bother ,I said if you work out a revised invoice I will just pay for it.

    Next day heard nothing.

    8th of Nov, I called back asking to get this sorted, spoken with Craig again, priced $429, I asked if you can round it? Craig offered $400, I said back to him, make it $350 I will just get it paid and we are done. He agreed in the phone call and I thought it was all finished.

    Received invoice from their office, stated $400, I emailed back, told that agreed with Craig for $350, asking to check with Craig again if that is correct, replied me no, that was $400.

    I paid $350 to their account and told them $50 is nothing really but agreement is agreement, That was how we agreed. Then got a response from another people in the company (exact work in email) "Yes agreement is agreement and you seem to be a man that does not like to pay his accounts or honour his words."

    I made another call, trying to speak with Craig and make sure there's no miscommunication, and this guys said to me "I have 40 seconds with you", "Now you have 35 seconds left", "I'm not your buddy", and simply denied what he said in the phone call.

    I felt really bad from this entire experience with them, and I paid another $50 as I really don't want to bother with people like this.

    This is simply the worst of worst experience I have never had in the past 10 years, lack of communication, rip off on pricing, and been very rude to customer.

    Before you decide to use those guys, THINK AGAIN!
    Rating by: Rex  |  Rating posted: 8th Nov, 2017  |  Contact: Rex  |  Job date: Nov, 2017
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 30%  |  Reliability: 20%  |  Value: 30%
    Rex8th Nov, 2017More details…
  • 100%
    "After trawling the net with plumbing companies abound so glad we contacted complete plumbing. Dealing with the guys Craig and Mike was easy, both very knowledgeable friendly and efficient. They explained everything and a big job was smooth and speedy as quoted. Highly recommend these guys, down to earth real people."
    Rating by: Kim  |  Rating posted: 22nd Nov, 2012  |  Contact: Mike And Craig  |  Job date: Nov, 2012
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Kim22nd Nov, 2012More details…
  • 100%
    "Great team easy to deal- they always follow up and can be totally relied on.They only use mature experienced technicians."
    Rating by: Glen  |  Rating posted: 27th Mar, 2012  |  Contact: Complete Plumbing Services  |  Job date: Mar, 2012
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Glen27th Mar, 2012More details…

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