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  • 0%
    "Worst communication ever never completed job asked then try hold my car ransom until paid bill . Would highly stay away from this fraudulent business "
    Rating by: Ross  |  Rating posted: 21st Jan  |  Contact: Hometune   |  Job date: Jan, 2020
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Ross21st JanMore details…
  • 100%
    "Great service to service my rear brakes fixed at home instead of going into a workshop. I was updated me early that he'd be half an hour or so later than scheduled the day before, and then arrived as promised and efficiently changed the brake pads. I am very satisfied with the service, professionalism, and price point. The work was done about three weeks ago and brake performance is spot on. This is the first time I hired Hometune and it proved to be a great experience! Plus the convenience of Him coming to YOU! 5 stars I couldn't ask for more"
    Rating by: Bev  |  Rating posted: 18th Sep, 2017  |  Contact: Mark  |  Job date: Aug, 2017
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Bev18th Sep, 2017More details…
  • 100%
    "After finding it a pain getting to a workshop to have my car serviced i thought i would try a mobile mechanic and i wasnt sure what to expect really but Hometune were great they turned up when they said they would, carried out the service in the carpark at work which made my day easier, the car needed the brakes doing as well and they managed to get them done at the same time. Will be using them again and recommend them to others"
    Rating by: Mark  |  Rating posted: 10th Sep, 2017  |  Contact: Timothy  |  Job date: Jul, 2017
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Mark10th Sep, 2017More details…
  • 100%
    "Such a pleasant experience! My car needed a fan belt replacement and it was all done without me having to leave work to drop it off at the garage. I would definitely recommend Hometune if you are looking for a mobile mechanic in Auckland. Everything was discussed prior to him working on my car and there was no hidden cost! Thanks for the excellent service!"
    Rating by: Matt  |  Rating posted: 10th Sep, 2017  |  Contact: Grant  |  Job date: Aug, 2017
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Matt10th Sep, 2017More details…
  • 0%
    "Poor communication. Didn't arrive to do the repairs as promised and only after I cancelled the repair did They immediately phone me. Total waste of an afternoon. Definitely don't recommend."
    Rating by: Dean  |  Rating posted: 3rd Mar, 2017  |  Contact: Naresh  |  Job date: Mar, 2017
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Dean3rd Mar, 2017More details…
  • 23%
    "Avoid if possible!!!. Used these guys a few times and everything was good, until.. Took my car in with a starting problem, they had two goes at fixing the problem (had the car for nearly 2 weeks all up) charged me over $400 and both times the issue wasn't fixed. Despite the problem not being fixed they refused to refund me for the work performed, claiming they had performed a whole range of tests. Took the car to another mechanic who identified a completely separate issue as the cause of the problem and fixed the car within a day for less then Hometune charged. After discussions with management and constant delays in finding a resolution they left me no choice but to take the issue to the small claims tribunal."
    Rating by: Alex  |  Rating posted: 24th Aug, 2016  |  Contact: Dante  |  Job date: Jul, 2016
    Communication: 50%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 40%  |  Value: 0%
    Alex24th Aug, 2016More details…
  • 100%
    "Had my brake pads replaced at their workshop as it was close to where I work. Staff for friendly and knowledgeable. Keep me informed of costs and got my car done by the end of the day as promised. Everything was great and price was less than the garage close to where I live quoted so very happy - Sean"
    Rating by: Sean  |  Rating posted: 19th Jul, 2016  |  Contact: Grant Coad  |  Job date: Jul, 2016
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Sean19th Jul, 2016More details…
  • 100%
    "Great service for Hometune - arrived on time, clean profession guy keep me updated on costs and issues. Full service was about $300 less than the last VW dealership service I had for the Golf. Recommended"
    Rating by: Michelle  |  Rating posted: 15th Jul, 2016  |  Contact: Grant  |  Job date: Jul, 2016
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Michelle15th Jul, 2016More details…
  • 100%
    "Great service on my Volkswagen. Have used Hometune for 10 years for all mechanical repairs , service and wof's .Different cars of various ages and types including Mazda, Subaru, Toyota and Fords . Always satisfied with the service and clear explanation of issues and faults. Costs are realistic for the service. Cars need regular maintenance and Hometune make it easy by comming to work. Great company. "
    Rating by: Frank  |  Rating posted: 11th Mar, 2016  |  Contact: Warren  |  Job date: Mar, 2016
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Frank11th Mar, 2016More details…
  • 0%
    "Would not recommend this business at all!
    Went to them to fix my speedometer, he told me the part that would fix it would be $650 I said to go ahead 2 days later saying that it actually wasnt the fault and would now be $1900 to fix plus labour. I was still charged $853 for the work for the part that did not fix my problem. My car is exactly the same as when it went in.
    Tried to resolve the problem with the managers but have had no response so obviously dont care as they have the money. Wish I hadnt of paid!
    Rating by: Alicea  |  Rating posted: 16th Feb, 2016  |  Contact: Warren  |  Job date: Feb, 2016
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Alicea16th Feb, 2016More details…
  • 98%
    "Arrived on time and was a true Professional, explained everything in detail and gave me a quote of worse case scenario would be a $1000, was billed for $550 so l was more than happy. Highly recommended. The only one bad hitch was that he was a Te Papa rugby supporter and lm a Manukau Rovers Old Boy..Cheers Warren"
    Rating by: Sam  |  Rating posted: 2nd Jan, 2016  |  Contact: Warren  |  Job date: Jan, 2016
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 90%
    Sam2nd Jan, 2016More details…
  • 100%
    "Highly recommend Mark who came to repair my car same day that I called. He was honest, and gave me solutions for my situation which I really appreciated. He explained everything that needed fixing and why, and also told me which was vital, and what could wait. A totally convenient service for moms at home with little ones like me."
    Rating by: Shereen  |  Rating posted: 27th Apr, 2015  |  Contact: Mark  |  Job date: Apr, 2015
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Shereen27th Apr, 2015More details…
  • 0%
    "We needed a warrant of fitness done on our BMW in a hurry. Took it to Hometune for convenience, as they are close to my wife's work. They done the warrant and it failed on a few things. No problems as safety first. They bullied my wife into booking it in to get somethings done for $630.
    She called me and I said no way was that a reasonable price for the work they want to do. All they had to do was, adjust the light angles, replace a belt that was cracked and adjust handbrake.
    We went down the road to Mt Eden Automotive, beside the GAS petrol station and they did the entire job including the belt for $260.

    This is not the first time we have been ripped of by these con artists. I guess I was naive at the time of getting the work done. Would not recommend these rip off artists to anyone, even if you have the money to spend. Go somewhere else.
    Rating by: J  |  Rating posted: 10th Jun, 2013  |  Contact: Con Artist  |  Job date: Jun, 2013
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    J10th Jun, 2013More details…
  • 100%
    "Right through from the phone call to book the work... to payment made. There was clear communication about all work to be carried out . The technician was extremely knowledgable ( and a great guy).
    He explained everything very clearly. I am a repeat customer and recommend Hometune both for their mobile technicians and for their great workshop in Mt Eden
    Rating by: Ken  |  Rating posted: 27th Mar, 2013  |  Contact: Angela  |  Job date: Mar, 2013
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 100%
    Ken27th Mar, 2013More details…
  • 0%
    "Hometune must be the worst mobile mechanics on the planet.
    They turned up late 2 hours and the cowboy turned up nice and polite until his true colours came out.
    He was unqualified to work on BMW\'s and when he had guessed what was wrong with the BMW, he decided to try and sell me more things to repair on my car, which was not needed.
    He gave me a quote which was more expensive than a BMW specialist by over $150, looked like he put massive mark up on parts.
    The cowboy worked on the car for 1.5 hours and couldn\'t get the job done and told me that any extra time I will be charged.He was not up to the job and lied he was a experienced BMW mechanic and in the process of trying to repair my car had done quite a bit of damage to my car.

    The cowboy started to loose the plot and got angry and told me off that any parts he broke on my car I would have to pay for and pay for his time to repair what he had broken.

    He left my car in bits and decided he couldn\'t get the job done and told me he would come back tomorrow when he felt better.

    Contacted the head office, spoke to a unhelpful woman named Angela, she basically told me hometune was not liable for any damage caused by their unqualified cowboy.

    After several phone calls, they were still trying to not take any responsibility. Ended up spending more money to tow my car to the BMW specialist and paying for the damages caused by the hometunes cowboy. Ended up having my car off the road for two weeks because of the damage caused by the hometunes cowboy.

    They offered to pay for damages, but have not received anything.

    They are clearly not any European car specialist, they didn\'t even have the basic BMW tools to work on my car.

    A basic job that takes 3 hours to do has cost me extra money and two weeks without my car.

    If you want to get hustled and get real bad service, try hometune.

    There are so many better mobile mechanics out there.

    Home tune are basically a bunch of [email protected] who try and con any customers who don\'t know much about cars.

    Rating by: Michael  |  Rating posted: 15th Jun, 2012  |  Contact: Angela / Stacy  |  Job date: Jun, 2012
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Michael15th Jun, 2012More details…
  • 95%
    "Came and gave a diagnosis on a cold wet Sunday. Had to wait until Monday for the part but assessing tech was booked out on Monday, so he passed job onto another tech.

    Snow was reported in the Waitakere ranges on the Monday. There was hail and sleet and the tech arrived on time.

    Both repairer and assessor were polite and knowledgable. Price was about the same as Pit Stop with a towing bill. So cost, hassel and service all ticked the box."

    Rating by: Kent  |  Rating posted: 14th Aug, 2011  |  Contact: Declan  |  Job date: Aug, 2011
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 80%
    Kent14th Aug, 2011More details…
  • 0%
    "Organised a hometune visit to get a regular routing checkup done on my car. I was attracted to them on the basis that they come to my home/office. Never again. These guys charge like a wounded bull - all the mechanics are trained in selling and they like to cross-sell and up-sell you on everything possible.

    Just look at the amount of advertising they do on radio, print and television. Look at the expensive flash vans and flash office/workshop they have. They need to recover these costs from somewhere!

    I declined all the \'addon\' services that they suggested and took my car to my local mechanic and got an \'honest\' service.

    My advice, give hometune a wide-berth.

    Rating by: Mike  |  Rating posted: 16th May, 2011  |  Contact: John  |  Job date: Feb, 2011
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    Mike16th May, 2011More details…
  • 45%
    "I paid to get 2 front CV joints replaced on my Lada 4wd. I was asked if non-genuine parts were OK, and I said yes. I'm not sure if they arrived on time, The car was left at home and the keys were hidden for them.
    The Lada CVs come with tough plastic shields that cover them.
    The shields strap on over the boots and protect the soft rubber from hazards.
    The new CV boots were installed, but the shields were removed and not replaced.
    I queried the manager about them and he said they were not part of the new boots so were thrown away. When I advised they were able to be strapped back in place over the new boots, and should be replaced, he was very dis-interested in revisiting.

    I consider this job similar to fixing or panelbeating the front of a car and refusing to put the bumper back on.

    Hometune REFUSED to put the OEM shields back on, but did offer a 1 year warranty on any tears or splits which might be caused by not having the shields in place.

    I was NOT happy about this but was left with no choice.

    VERY dis-satisfied, and have never gone back. They have lost a customer for life.
    Rating by: Russ  |  Rating posted: 4th Aug, 2008  |  Contact: Manager  |  Job date: Aug, 2005
    Communication: 20%  |  Quality: 30%  |  Reliability: 80%  |  Value: 50%
    Russ4th Aug, 2008More details…
  • 55%
    "Took my car in for one of their cheap WOFs and was failed on the brake pads, which needed replacing. Was quoted around $275 for the replacement, which sounded like a lot. I did some phoning around for prices and found that Geddes Automotive in Onehunga would replace the brake pads for under $100! Insane price difference. I can only conclude that Hometune will try and lure you in with a cheap WOF then massively overcharge you to fix whatever they can find that needs doing. I ended up getting the brake pads replaced, brake discs machined, and built up dirt and corrosion removed at Geddes for less than it would have cost me just to get the brake pads replaced at Hometune. I won\'t be going back and will actively discourage anyone else from going there if possible."
    Rating by: Aran  |  Rating posted: 13th Jul, 2008  |  Contact: Unknown  |  Job date: Jun, 2007
    Communication: 80%  |  Quality: 60%  |  Reliability: 80%  |  Value: 0%
    Aran13th Jul, 2008More details…
  • 3%
    "Cowboys - beware. The mechanic that turned up came with a flash van 4 hours late without any notice, & all looked nice except for the lateness. He talked me into doing an engine flush, and I said yes ok, I watched from my window as he did the service, and he opened the bonnet & did the oil change, no flush, which I thought was interesting... when the flush was on the bill I asked him about it and he said yep its all done and confirmed flush was done, charged me about $250 for the oil flush & oil & filter change & top up of fluids, (he only used water in the radiator not antifreeze mix etc) to show me the empty bottle or where he was using flush from and he admitted actually it slipped his mind, when in fact he had none on board. He lied outright to me, and on later checking he did not even change the filter, as it was still the warehouse filter I changed myself, still covered in old mud underneith. The owner of hometune offered a refund on the filter and flush only, no compensation & not very apologetic. Appauling rip off artists, I feel sorry for those that arent watching their cars like a hawk."
    Rating by: James  |  Rating posted: 23rd Jan, 2008  |  Contact: Andrew  |  Job date: Jan, 2007
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 10%  |  Value: 0%
    James23rd Jan, 2008More details…
  • 88%
    "They often do cheap WOF's with no compromise on quality"
    Rating by: Aaron  |  Rating posted: 12th Feb, 2007  |  Contact: Unknown  |  Job date: Feb, 2004
    Communication: 75%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 75%  |  Value: 100%
    Aaron12th Feb, 2007More details…
  • 6%
    "This was some time ago. Sent my car in to get a WOF. They recommended that I get a gearbox flush as well since my car had done 100k.

    The flush took longer than expected and I believed the guy rushed through the job as it was then past 5.30 pm at the end of the day.

    Soon after the fan belt was making noises which were gradually getting louder. A service scheduled with another mechanic soon discovered the fan assembly was hanging by a single screw (with a screw or two missing) and was a miracle it was still attached!

    Laid a complaint and was told that they would get back to me. I never did receive the return call. Ironically, my gearbox died about three months later and had to be completely replaced. Feel as if I was sold something I didn\'t need which ended up costing me a whole lot more.

    This was a few years back, not sure if they have improved but I am never going back there.

    Rating by: Jiunn  |  Rating posted: 10th Feb, 2007  |  Contact: Unknown  |  Job date: Oct, 2003
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 25%
    Jiunn10th Feb, 2007More details…
  • 88%
    (no comment)
    Rating by: Joy  |  Rating posted: 10th Feb, 2007  |  Contact: Unknown  |  Job date: Feb, 2005
    Communication: 75%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 75%
    Joy10th Feb, 2007More details…
  • 94%
    (no comment)
    Rating by: Teresa  |  Rating posted: 9th Feb, 2007  |  Contact: Bob  |  Job date: Jan, 2007
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 75%
    Teresa9th Feb, 2007More details…
  • 94%
    "last minute urgent job required before we went away on holiday. guy was really nice- turned up to the job early, give me an overview of the job and reported his findings and recommendations at the end of the job. highly recommend to all."
    Rating by: Eric  |  Rating posted: 9th Feb, 2007  |  Contact: James  |  Job date: Jul, 2006
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 75%
    Eric9th Feb, 2007More details…
  • 94%
    "Started job & completed job before estimated time"
    Rating by: Earle  |  Rating posted: 9th Feb, 2007  |  Contact: D/k  |  Job date: Jan, 2007
    Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 100%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 75%
    Earle9th Feb, 2007More details…
  • 38%
    "I had serious problems with this company, particularly with the managing director, over a routine service turning into a bill for over $1,200. An cam belt replacement was suggested 'because the car had done 80,000k'. The bill for this was TWICE the price charged by two local Subaru dealers. An EFI 'clean' was done as though it was just part of the quoted service but turned out to be also an expensive extra. When I studied the bill, the labour charged divided by the hours on the bill worked out at $71.357142!!! Despite numerous attempts to have this clarified, no explanation was provided. Bad news - go to your local dealer and save bigtime!"
    Rating by: Jim  |  Rating posted: 1st Aug, 2006  |  Contact: Rod Wilson  |  Job date: Dec, 2004
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 50%  |  Reliability: 100%  |  Value: 0%
    Jim1st Aug, 2006More details…

Unauthenticated ratings (4)

  • 18%
    "I chose hometune because they advertised that they'd be able to fix my car on site, they came and saw the car, but then ended up wanting to tow my car back to their base (and then wanted to charge a call out and a towing fee).

    What was supposed to take 1 day to fix ended up taking close to three weeks. When I finally got my car back the problem still wasnt resolved, and the car had to go back again.

    Before I took my car in for the second time I was told it would be ready the next day, but again it took a full week. Both times were without a courtesy car (which they said was all booked out).

    I was charged a ridiculous amount of $ to fix the problem, and one of the issues my car went in to begin with is still not fixed.

    I will never ever ever use hometune again, and would strongly advise others to stay clear.

    Rating by: Dan  |  Rating posted: 4th Feb, 2010  |  Contact: Ian  |  Job date: Jan, 2010
    Communication: 70%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    This rating has not been authenticated so it doesn't count towards the overall rating
    Dan, 4th Feb, 2010More details…
  • 0%
    "called homeyune booked in for a slot between 2 and 4 pm no one showed up to do job when i called was told mechanic was held up on another job . I asked why they had not called to tell me off the delay i was meet with the excuse they only call when they are on there way"
    Rating by: Mike  |  Rating posted: 8th Dec, 2007  |  Contact: Phone Operator   |  Job date: Dec, 2007
    Communication: 0%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 0%  |  Value: 0%
    This rating has not been authenticated so it doesn't count towards the overall rating
    Mike, 8th Dec, 2007More details…
  • 63%
    "My experience was good - prompt and delivered on what they said. However, I have since had negative feedback from a family member using Hometune in regards to poor timliness and communication.

    Would recommend if job was urgent or you are unable to make it to a garage - however not as a regular service."

    Rating by: Olivia  |  Rating posted: 11th Feb, 2007  |  Contact: Don\'t Know  |  Job date: Nov, 2006
    Communication: 50%  |  Quality: 75%  |  Reliability: 75%  |  Value: 50%
    This rating has not been authenticated so it doesn't count towards the overall rating
    Olivia, 11th Feb, 2007More details…
  • 25%
    "I have seen 2 vehicles that had a inspection carried out at Ellerslie Car Fair by Hometune, they did not pick up on major structural damage to these vehicles, I believe they should not be carrying out inspections without proper lifting equipment to get proper access to under car, BUYER BE WARE!"
    Rating by: Stephen  |  Rating posted: 12th Sep, 2006  |  Contact: Hometune  |  Job date: Sep, 2005
    Communication: 50%  |  Quality: 0%  |  Reliability: 50%  |  Value: 0%
    This rating has not been authenticated so it doesn't count towards the overall rating
    Stephen, 12th Sep, 2006More details…

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